New iPhone To Be Announced Today

Apple iPhone

Is it just me?  I can’t seem to get excited about the new iPhone. ATT’s recent moves have killed the ability to actually get full use out of the rumored new features – like video chat, tethering, and multitasking to those who buy into ATT’s company line about how you’ll never reach 2GB – imagine driving to and from New York (8 hrs total), with a GPS App running and Pandora playing in the background that will eat up most of your 2GB cap. About the only thing we don’t know about the new iPhone is the price. I’m sure the version I would want would be $499 ON CONTRACT, which is why I didn’t get the 32 GB 3GS because AT&T charged current customers MORE to upgrade to the new phone than non customers. My iPhone 3G won’t even qualify for the 4.0 software update and lately I’ve been forced to use my iPhone as a phone and it’s horrible, I’m ready to cancel my ATT account and be happy with my iPod Touch. ATT is just such a scummy company. T-Mobile is the only Cell Phone company that I like, but they don’t have any good phones – the HD2 looks awesome, but you can’t upgrade to Win Phone 7 in the fall. Anyway, Steve Jobs is giving his WWDC Keynote today at 1pm EST.  I recommend for your live, breathless, “oh my god this is awesome!” coverage. I’ll post a recap of the announcements this afternoon.