MOVIE REVIEW: The Hangover Keeps The Buzz Going



Two friends and one soon to be brother-in-law decide to take their pal out for his bachelor party in illustrious Las Vegas two days before the wedding. Upon waking up the morning after, the hotel suite they stayed in is trashed, a few unexpected houseguests appear, the groom is missing, and no one can remember a thing.

I’m very happy to see the return of the R-rated, smart comedies. I’ve enjoyed movies like Wedding Crashers, Role Models, Old School, etc., and for fans of those films, The Hangover will most likely one day find a spot in your collection right next to them.

There’s a lot to like about this movie, and it can be accredited mainly to excellent chemistry between the three lead actors. Bradley Cooper, who many will recognize as the obnoxious boyfriend from Wedding Crashers, is given a chance to shine as a leading man and proves he’s very funny. Ed Helms from The Office also gets to let loose a little bit, and you can tell he’s enjoying every minute of it.

If there’s a complaint about this movie, it’s not with the film itself, but rather the marketing. It seems to me that the studio was concerned about not having a really big star headlining the comedy, and so they’ve revealed many of the The Hangover’s best moments in the trailers and previews. Of course, not everything is spoiled, but enough is. If this movie even mildly sounds funny to you, I would encourage you stop watching ads, and go into it knowing as little as possible.

Very simply, The Hangover is laugh out loud funny and everything you would expect by knowing the premise. It never takes itself too seriously and is more than successful at entertaining those who enjoy this style of humor. Of course it’s not for everyone, so gauge how you much you have (or have not) enjoyed the other movies in this genre before checking it out. But if R-rated, crude, absurd comedies with great dialogue, timing and physical humor are your pint of beer, then this is a great movie to get a bunch of college friends together for to have a night of laughs.

Final Grade: A-

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By Christopher Troilo
Originally Posted 6.5.2009

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  1. "The Hangover" is a raunchy comedy about a visit to Las Vegas to have a bachelor party. The whole thing makes little sense but has plenty of gags. Much more enjoyable if you have NOT seen the trailer.

    GRADE = "B"

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