Michelle on the Set of NBC’s Mercy Today!

I have nothing else better to do today, so I figured why not take a 4 hour drive to Jersey to visit the set of NBC’s Mercy. The event will include a meet and greet with the cast, lunch, and a tour of the set. I’ll be doing some live tweets from the event at #eclipsemagazine. We’re interviewing the entire cast including

  • Taylor Schilling (Veronica)
  • Michelle Trachtenberg (Chloe)
  • Jaime Lee Kirchner (Sonia)
  • James Tupper (Dr. Chris Sands)
  • James Van Der Beek (Dr. Liam West)
  • Guillermo Diaz (Nurse Angel Lopez)
  • Diego Klattenhoff (Mike)
  • James Legros (Dr. Dan Harris)

Now don’t be surprised if I look at this and go, this is just silly spend 8 hours driving for a 2 hour event. But as of 7:30 am, I plan on hitting the road at 8:30ish. My gear for this event will be an Macbook (which I hate) and I think I’m going to go with my Casio FS100 Point and Shoot instead of my Nikon D60. I’m into Video these days so I’m going to take my JVC Everio and get some one camera interviews as well.