Jam Live Music Arcade rocks all the way!

Jam Live Music Arcade is an INCREDIBLY FUN game if you’re into mixing tracks and creating your own version of todays hits in the electronic/hip-hop/rock genre. Jam Live Music Arcade was released on May 16th, 2012 and created by Zivix LLC and published by Reverb Publishing/505 Games. This team put together a great game. More details on Jam Live Music Arcade from the press release after the jump:

Title: JAM Live Music Arcade                      Launch: May 16, 2012
Genre: Music Creation                               Platforms: XBLA and PSN
Developer: Zivix, LLC                                 MSRP: 800 MSP, $9.99
Publisher: Reverb Publishing/505               Games Rating: ‘T’ for Teen

JAM Live Music Arcade is a completely new approach to the definition of a music game, turning a downloadable title on XBLA and PSN into a tool of music creation. Much more than a tired rhythm redux, JAM redefines the way players experience music in video games – developing their unique experience in an instantaneous, live way.

The game features 32 tracks from major, chart-topping artists, as well as indie artists from all over the music genre spectrum – including Modest Mouse, Atmosphere, Owl City and much more. The songs have been integrated into JAM in a way that becomes intrinsic with the platform, allowing players to manipulate tracks in every facet, from the guitars, bass, keys, vocals, new instruments and even unique layers not previously heard on these familiar songs.

Anyone can plug their guitar controller* in and become a mixmaster overnight.
* Note that though gamepads work, any guitar peripheral will work and is the preferred method

*I personally used a PS3 controller playing this game and had no problems using it


  • JAM Live Music Arcade puts the music BACK in the music game genre by allowing the player to not only experience music in a different and creative way, but also allowing them to show off their unique experience in a live “on the fly” manner as it is created with the visuals responding to every move.
  • Featuring 32 tracks from major artists to top-touring indie bands designed specifically for the JAM platform, JAM Live Music Arcade offers a wide variety of musical stylings that are great to follow along with and perfect to inspire creativity for a gamer’s own song.
  • Compatible with any of the millions of gaming guitar peripherals on the market today, JAM Live Music Arcade offers an affordable and approachable modern entry-way to experience music creation like never before.
  • Unlike other guitar-based games, the players isn’t limited to playing just the bass, lead or rhythm guitar with the peripheral – JAM Live Music Arcade opens up the entire arsenal of musical instruments to the players. Percussion, keyboards, horns, vocals and more are all completely customizable and controllable with the player’s gaming guitar peripheral of choice. It’s an entire band right in your hands!

Owl City Promo-Jam Live Music Arcade“:

  • JAM’s Arcade mode not only engages a new type of follow the leader pathway and gameplay style, but also incorporates more controller actions from an up-strum to the whammy bar, creating even more of a challenge.
  • JAM Live Music Arcade provides an amazing social aspect that allows players to show off a live performance at a party, replay a previously recorded mix or challenge their friends to follow one of their very own created songs to inspire collaboration and make some serious noise with user generated content.


Everyone has to start somewhere, and Arcade Mode is the perfect place. Akin to the see-then-do gameplay types that gamers are familiar with, Arcade sets challenges and goals for players learning the game’s mechanics. As a byproduct, players will develop a sense of rhythm and learn how track layers become integral to the sound and change feel of a song. When the player feels comfortable with the game, they’re more than welcome to move on to freestyle gameplay, but many will continue Arcade Mode to set new highscores.


Unlike the 100% focus of follow the leader gameplay from traditional rhythm-based guitar games, improvisation and experimentation take center stage in JAM Mode, the premiere focus of this unique title.  JAM perfectly encapsulates what it’s like to lay down a guitar riff, kick in a drum beat, add a vocal then instantly change it up, producing an amazing personal connection and an experience like no other. Players have complete creative control over the music and are rewarded for their sense of timing by getting into the flow of the music and beat. Best of all, this makes for a great party mode, assuring the music you hear can be the conversant yet different every time.

Jam Live Music Arcade is a music mixing video game that is very entertaining and is a joy to play every time. All the song selections are fun working with to create different mixes. I love that they allow you record ten minutes of own mix for each song so you’re able to hear your personal creation over and over. My rating for Jam Live Music Arcade is A+ and is strongly suggested to passionate music lovers who love mixing or for anyone that wants a fun introduction music mixing.

Jam Live Music Arcade is currently available and can be purchased through the Play Station Network or on Xbox Live. Jam Live Music Arcade can also be found on the web at:

Jam Live Music Arcade trailer

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