Is Storybrooke About to Build a Snowman or a Snowmonster?


When we last saw Storybrooke at the end of Season 3 things were starting to get a little chilly with the arrival of Elsa. Fast forward to the Season 4 premiere, “A Tale of Two Sisters,” and we find Elsa once again in the middle of Storybrooke confused and on edge not knowing what this new landscape or its inhabitants have in store for her so of course the logical thing to do is build a snowman…I mean a snow monster to back her up.

Meanwhile, with the rug pulled out from under her, Regina contemplates whether or not her new found romance with Robin has ended or merely hit a speed bump with the arrival of his long lost formerly dead but saved by Emma in the eleventh hour back in time wife Marian. Complicated? Nah, just a typical “Once Upon a Time” twist. We also find Mr. Gold and Belle in the afterglow of their wedding enjoying their honeymoon when he acquires an unusual item that may make him rethink giving Belle the fake dagger with the real deal. Unfortunately, things aren’t quite wine and roses just yet for Emma and Hook as he starts to think Emma is avoiding him because she’s so guilt ridden for complicating Regina’s chance at a new love with Robin by returning Marion, Emma spends her time trying to console Regina instead.

In a flashback to Arendelle Anna and Elsa disagree about continuing their parents search for the origins of Elsa’s icy magic powers, a search that ended in their parents’ untimely death. Could this be the key to finding out how Elsa ended up in that urn? Tune in to find out!

“Once Upon a Time” Season 4 premieres Sunday, September 28th 8pm on ABC.