In Celebration of Michael Jackson’s birthday we have bobbleheads! BOBBLEHEADS!


In honor of Michael Jackson’s recent 53rd birthday on August 29th 2011, our new friends at the Cashmere Agency and has been kind enough to help out Eclipse Magazine with this special contest. Raise your glass and gloved hand! We are giving away two limited edition Michael Jackson bobbleheads. That’s right BOBBLEHEADS!

Winning is painfully simple – sign up for our twitter feed at and send an email to with the subject MJ Bobblehead Contest. Send us your full contact info – when the time comes, we won’t be hunting winners down. The contest period will last Tuesday, September 6 – Sunday, September 11.

Urbanheadz, a diversified urban company, crafted this collectable to pay homage to Michael Jackson as they wanted to create a token the countless number people he has inspired through his music and his creativity could treasure forever.

This is the only bobblehead approved by the estate to represent Michael Jackson and his contributions to the entire music industry. Each bobblehead is hand crafted, hand-painted and accessorized with his famous fedora, black jacket and sequined glove. Like Michael Jackson’s legacy, this bobblehead will only appreciate with time.

To everyone that doesn’t win, the Michael Jackson bobblehead is available to purchase at:

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