Exclusive: Barry Bostwick Talks Skirtchasers, Rocky Horror and more!

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Brad, oh Brad! In the last few years the 70s cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show has made a big comeback. First there was an episode of Cold Case dedicated to it, then Glee did an entire episode centered around it and this fall Fox television is doing a live production of it – similar to how they did the hugely successful Grease Live. RHP fans know who Barry Bostwick is. Dammit, Janet, I love youuuuuuu….

Barry has appeared in numerous productions since RHP and now he’s taking on the Internet with the new Internet Comedy Skirtchasers which is written and directed by Married With Children’s Amanda Bearse. The family comedy is about fathers and daughters finding common ground. We talk a lot about Skirtchasers, how the Internet is changing the script and of course Rocky Horror! I forgot to ask him about making out with Tim Curry. Gah. You can find Skirtchasers here.

Can you talk a little bit about Skirtchasers and what attracted you to this project?

It was different..it was smart…it was funny…it was being directed by a woman i very much admired…it is about tolerance and acceptance and the struggles to get there.

 How much did your real life experience as a dad impact how you approached this roll?

My daughter is 19 and doesn’t have the emotional baggage yet…maybe sometime n the future but i’ve been with her and consistent in her life unlike my character…hopefully i’m doing it the right way but that makes the wrong way so much more poignent.(sp.). he is trying to reconnect and i’m trying to stay connected.

What kind of relationship did you have with Meredith Baxter and Amanda Bearse before this series?

Meredith was on SpinCity for a couple of episodes and we got along great…amanda was new to me but once we met it just seemed right.

Skirtchasers Cast

What do you think about the current trend of more and more professional level productions being shot for the Internet?

It’s untapped, untested on a truly commercial level its a bitch to get funding and even harder to get viewers because of the vast amount of product. its the same task as an actor if the material is good and luckily this is.

Thanks to the recent anniversary of Rocky Horror, it’s come back in a big way. How does it feel to have RHPS back in the public consciousness?

I’m overjoyed that it is garnering a new generation of fans…the message is one for the ages and the music is just plain bitchin. its a fairy tale, a diversion but an important statement about tolerance.

I have to tell you how much I adored the special Cold Case episode of Rocky Horror. Can you talk a little bit about how that came about and what it was like to film it?

of all the references to Rocky and the usage of the music i think this stands out as the best. it was seamless in its appropriation of the whole phenomina and the fan base and i was simply offered the part…stunt casting or a brilliant decision on their part…either way it just worked. it allowed me to show range and depth as an actor.


What do you think of the upcoming Rocky remake and what kind of advice do you have for the new cast?

Its been done and i hope for the sake of the material and themes it holds up to the scrutiny of the fans and the newbies or virgins…tims involvement brings some depth to it and will encourage the diehard fans to get a taste of it and hopefully won’t judge it too harshly. i really don’t know any of the new cast members but i just hope they bring a sincerity and truth to the characters while at the same time understand the foolishness that surrounds it all…if it ain’t fun …go home…

Skirtchasers is a pretty raunchy comedy so I have to ask, what is your favorite comedy and what makes a good one – beyond the obvious (which is make you laugh).

Funny but i see this show as a real relationship based lite hearted romp…really its about the father/daughter dynamic more than how they each live their life in the world of singleness . it 2 people reconnecting, reconstructing and resurrecting a very important relationship that challenges them at every turn.