Eclipse Magazine interviews Six Reasons

I recently had the opportunity to do an interview with the hip-hop artist Six Reasons but before we get to that here’s some background information on Six Reasons provided by his website:

Hailing from malevolent Watts, California, the passionate rhymes created by Six Reasons are a direct reflection of the struggles he faced growing up. His life experiences are expressed in his music and his guest starring roles on both the big and small screen. Whether he is acting or receiving endorsements from multi-platinum artists, Six Reasons has positioned himself as a top up and coming rapper by converting his struggles into a true art form.

Growing up, Six Reasons epitomized the phrase: “Through real suffering comes real art.” With no father around and a crack addicted mother, Six Reasons provided for himself by any means necessary. He slept on bus benches, robbed fast food joints, stole cars and sold drugs to survive. Baptism by fire either makes you or breaks you- it made Six Reasons. His name stems from the six reasons that motivate mankind: money, power, respect, fame, fear and love.

Six Reasons rap career began as a major player in Watts’ Snowman Cliq. From there, he gained major notoriety in the hood and collected a number of endorsements from heavy hitters including 50 Cent, G-Unit, Floyd Mayweather and Busta Rhymes. Six Reasons gained major buzz when his first single, “Tat2’d Up” became a radio hit and was one of KIIS-FM’s Top 102 songs of 2009. From there, Six Reasons went on to release a series of music videos and teamed up with renowned international DJ
and entertainment personality, DJ Skee, to release two mixtapes: Endangered Species and Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200.

Outside of his career in music, Six Reasons also found success in the acting world. He has had numerous guest starring roles in TV/Film including “Gridiron Gang,” “The Shield” and “Gang Tapes,” just to name a few. The rapper/actor is currently in talks with networks for a reality show about his life/music, blending his love of television production and music.

With his undeniable charisma, passion-filled music and proven success in TV/Film, Six Reasons has confirmed his burgeoning star power. Not since Tupac Shakur has there been such a magnetizing artist and personality. Using his life struggles as fuel to propel his career, Six Reasons has already accomplished more than most artists dream of, yet his career
has only just begun.

It was a real pleasure to ask a few questions and get to know Six Reasons a little. Here’s how the interview took place:

BRIAN: How did you come up with/get the name Six Reasons?

SIX REASONS:  My name represents the moral fiber of MAN; the 6 basic reasons that makes them do the things they do: Money-
Power-Respect Fame-Fear-Love.

BRIAN: How did you & Too Short come together for Raindance?

SIX REASONS: My producer Brian “Deep h2Oz” and myself pulled the concept from a verse I had in another song; I told him it would be a good idea to turn it into a song and he immediately went IN on the beat! Once that was in place, we reached out to Too Short and after he heard the track…the rest was history.

BRIAN: How did you team up with DJ Skee?

SIX REASONS: I was always a fan of his so it was a matter of making him a fan of me. Once that happened it was easy to put the project together, because we both had mutual respect for one another prior to the project

BRIAN: What inspired you/what has been your best motivation to become a hip-hop artist?

SIX REASONS: I started writing music at a young age; I have been through so much trauma in my life that music became my outlet so it comes from my heart, my soul, from my suffering and the real life pain I have experienced first hand

BRIAN: who are your musical influences?

SIX REASONS: I’m inspired by a lot of old school music, like Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson…the list goes on and on!

BRIAN: Is there anyone that you’d like to work with in the future?

SIX REASONS: If I could collaborate with any artist right now it would probably be Kanye West. I think he is one of the most creative talents in the game right now, and when u put two extremely creative assholes in the room together and give them a microphone, the music that comes out of that would probally be nothing short of a masterpiece.

BRIAN: How long did it take you to come with material for “Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200”?

SIX REASONS: I can’t really tell you because once I start making music-I lose track of time!! I am big on putting out great music-not compromising great music to meet a dead line. So when I’m working on a project-I work until I feel it’s right!

BRIAN: You use a Denzel Washington sound-a-like on  Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200, what inspired that idea?

SIX REASONS: lol what makes you think it was a “sound a like”??

BRIAN: Is there any songs off of “Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200” you like more than others?

SIX REASONS: I love all my music the same! It’s like my kids, I love them all equally! But at times I do listen to some more than others. Right now it’s “I’m eating”

BRIAN: Your first single was Tat2’d Up, what inspired that song?

SIX REASONS: I had tattoo’s, and she loved em! Ha

BRIAN: You have any upcoming projects you can talk about?

SIX REASONS: Right now we are getting ready to push the single RAINDANCE. In the mean time, I’m working on a new project entitled “80’s BABY”. Until that is done people can download my last project for free on my website, or buy “Raindance” off iTunes. I also will leak brand new songs and videos every 4 weeks, and stay tuned to get the latest updates form me on all my social sites to stay in the loop:
Twitter: @six reasons
YouTube: /hetheshit
Facebook: SixReasons
Raindance on iTunes:$hort/id471130095

I want to thank Six Reasons for doing this interview with Eclipse Magazine and appreciate his time

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