CSI Behind the Scenes: Cockroaches

Continuing in their unique promotional campaign for their hit series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CBS has released another ‘Behind the Crime Scene: Ten Things You Didn’t Know’ list. This one is about the upcoming rebroadcast of the episode titled ‘Cockroaches’, which airs this Thursday at 9PM EST. ‘Cockroaches’ was directed by Academy Award and Golden Globe Award winning Director, William Friedkin (The Exorcist, The French Connection). Here is list of fascinating facts and trivia about the episode ‘Cockroaches’. 

  1. ‘Cockroaches’ was the first time Academy Award winner William Friedkin had directed an episode of a Television series. He had only done movies before.
  1. ‘Cockroaches’ was the first time Friedkin and CSI star William Petersen worked together since they did so in the movie to Live and Die in LA – when Friedkin cast Petersen in his first major motion picture.
  1. Actor John Capodice, who played Lou Gedda, has done over125 movies and TV shows. Most notably, he played Aquado in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, which starred Jim Carrey.
  1. Towards the end of the episode ‘Cockroaches’ when Warrick is hallucinating from his mixture of alcohol and prescription drugs, the music that is playing in the background is actually Gary Dourdan’s own music from his band ‘Kolade’.
  1. In that same sequence, towards the end of ‘Cockroaches’, Friedkin used a quick flash-forward cuts of the yet-to-be-seen moments to help portray Warrick’s jumbled state of mind. It is the same technique that Friedkin used in ‘The Exorcist’.
  1. Since directing ‘Cockroaches’, William Friedkin had been working on directing an opera which will premiere alongside two other operas being directed by Woody Allen and David Cronenberg.
  1. Portions of the chase sequence in the teaser for ‘Cockroaches’ were shot in Santa Clarita, California during the devastating October 2007 wildfires. If you look closely you can seethe smoke and embers in the sky.
  1. Rebecca Budig, who plays Candy, the stripper that Warrick gets intimate with at the end of the episode, is a famous soap star having acted in over 150 episodes of Guiding Light and All My Children; and is married to former ‘Bachelor’ Bob Guiney.
  1. The Pigalle Place Strip Club is actually an Elks Club in San Fernando, California. The CSI set decorating crew put the neon signs and marquee on the building to make it look like a strip club.
  1. Friedkin wanted the brightly lit ‘sex scene’ at the end of ‘Cockroaches’ to have the feel of something from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey.

Courtesy of CBS