COMING TO DVD: Supernatural the Complete 3RD Season

DVD Cover For Supernatural Season 3
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Supernatural: The Complete Third Season hits shelves just in time for fans to catch up with the Winchester brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) before the spectacular Season Four premieres on the CW on Thursday, September 18th at 9PM EST and the brothers come back together to defend the world against creatures that most people believe only exist in folklore, superstition and nightmares.

Season three of Supernatural is a slam bang, action packed, emotionally driven thrill ride that begins shortly after Azaezel, AKA The Yellow-Eyed Demon was vanquished at the end of season two.

Those events also saw the death of Sam Winchester and the release hundreds of demons from Hell into an unsuspecting world and forced a grief-stricken Dean Winchester to make a terrible a deal with a Crossroad Demon –his soul in exchange for Sam’s resurrection.

Supernatural Season 3 brings the Winchester boys to the cold and encreasingly terrifying realization that Dean has just one year to live and one year for Sam to search desperately for some way to save his brother and of course for both of them to fight demonic hordes and other creatures of terror along the way to save the lives of hundreds of innocent people.

Supernatural: The Complete Third Season DVD Special Features Include:
From Legends to Reality: SUPERNATURAL Effects
Impala Featurette: A Look Inside the Classic 1967 Chevrolet Impala
Scene Specifics: Short Segments Showcasing Creative Team Members Discussing Favorite Aspects of Particular Episodes
Ghostfacers! Confessionals Minifeaturette Gallery
Gag Reel

Besides these special features, two retailers will be carrying Supernatural season 3 boxed sets that include special Supernatural collector’s items that can only be found with sets purchased at their stores.

Best Buy has a die-cast ’67 Chevy Impala inspired by Supernatural that is packaged with the DVD.

Target has a full-color 2009 locker calendar featuring Jared and Jensen.

Warner Home Video is also proud to include a digital offer with this TV on DVD release, providing for convenient portability of the Season 3 episodes. A tremendous value, consumers will have the option to download a Digital Copy of the entire season, excluding the special features. This offer is available for both PC and Mac computers and is compatible with the most popular digital formats. The release contains detailed instructions on how to access and download the episodes.

Supernatural the Complete 3rd Season will be availabe on DVD and in stores on September 2nd 2008

Supernatural Season 4 premieres on the CW Network on Thursday, September 18th at 9PM EST.