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Flair Picks the Best and Worst Music of 2003

Every artist and their mother released an album in 2003. Overall, 2003 had a lot to offer musically. Remarkably, R&B and Hip Hop dominated the charts and sales in 2003. Hip Hop, a genre once considered controversial, violent and ghetto by the general populace, kindly allowed record labels/distributors to strike gold in 2003. One should never underestimate the power of music.

While a lot of 2003 releases were sensational, some releases were weak, lacking creativity and substance. As I have listened to hundreds of albums this year, it was quite difficult to come up with one best and worst list of 2003. Therefore, I decided to list the best and worst in three-music genres including; R&B/Soul, Hip Hop and Pop/Rock. For the genre of Reggae, I listed a Top 5. Because of the substantial quality of 2003

David Benoit-The Time Is Right For Something New

Composer/Pianist and three time Grammy Nominee David Benoit returns with his 23rd release, “”Right Here, Right Now,”” and it’s right on time, with a mix of upbeat and reflective selections. Some of the songs are performed in a standard jazz setting of piano, bass and drums. This talented artist wrote or co-wrote six of the ten tracks on his latest album.

Other cuts feature guest artists and full orchestrations. Benoit, wrote Herbie Hancock