Break: The Musical: Big Break, Integrity Questioned – With Songs!


When Kate, a music journalist, lands an interview with a reclusive rock star it could change her life – but when her editor wants to take the story in a much different direction, Kate’s integrity will be on the line in Break: The Musical.

Break: The Musical – a five-episode web series – stars Mary Bonney and 2016 America’s Got Talent Finalist Brian Justin Crum. It premieres on YouTube tomorrow, Wednesday, September 23rd. Follow the jump for the trailer.


Premieres Tomorrow Wednesday, September 21, 2016 on YouTube!

Created by: Mary Bonney

Starring: Mary Bonney, Brian Justin Crum, Whitney Avalon, and Ian Harding

Kate, a music journalist living in Los Angeles, lands the interview of a lifetime with her rock star idol that changes both their lives. When Kate’s gossip-hungry editor puts a spin on her article, Kate’s integrity is put on the line and she is faced with a dilemma that will either make or break her.

BREAK: THE MUSICAL not only dives into the harsh world of the entertainment industry, it also provides a story that many can relate to. That our dreams and passions are worth pursuing, as long as you stay true to yourself.

BREAK: THE MUSICAL has been receiving accolades and gaining momentum previewing to much success this year at SeriesFest, IndieFest, NovaFest and NexTV Web Series & Indie Film Competition, winning the Award of Merit, Women Filmmakers at IndieFest as well as the Artist Circle Award at NovaFest.

The 5-episode web series stars Mary Bonney, Brian Justin Crum (Finalist – 2016 America’s Got Talent), Whitney Avalon (Princess Rap Battle), and Ian Harding (Pretty Little Liars). It is directed by Dale Fabrigar and composed by Matt Dahan and Mary Bonney. Cinematography by Peyton Skelton.

RT: 33min / Not Yet Rated
Genre: Musical / Comedy



Premiere: Wednesday, September 21
Episode 2: Wednesday, September 28
Episode 3: Wednesday, October 5
Episode 4: Wednesday, October 12
Episode 5: Wednesday, October 19

Watch BREAK: THE MUSICAL below beginning Wed, September 21: