Blu-ray Review: Jennifer’s Body a Unique Take on Horror, Michelle’s Review

Jennifer’s Body features Megan Fox in all her HD glory. The recently released Blu-ray features a really nice 1080p transfer and a nice HD Audio soundtrack. The Blu-ray includes both the theatrical and extended cuts on a single disk.  The movie takes the concept of mean girls to a whole new or “low” level only the meanness is directed at boys and not really at each other. Writer Diablo Cody’s trademark whit makes this horror comedy a step above today’s current crop of shock and awe horror. I really like Amanda Seyfried in this.  Cody and director Kusama bring the fun back. At the same time, I just hate Megan Fox but I’ll grudgingly admit she’s actually ok here. This movie surprised me it felt like a uniquely different take on the horror genre. It starts off well, but turns into camp at the halfway mark.

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  • Gentleman Broncos (looks horrible)
  • All About Steve (Ish)
  • Whip It
  • Fame 2009


  • Theatrical and Extended Versions
  • Commentary Track with Director Karyn Kusama and writer Diablo Cody (Theatrical Version)
  • Commentary Track with Director on Extended Version – Seems odd that they wouldn’t use Diablo here as well.
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gag Reel
  • Jennifer’s Body The Dead Pool (14 Min) (HD) – A making of feature
  • Video Diaries
  • Megan Fox is Hot (1 Min) (HD)
  • Megan Fox Peer Pressure PSA (30 Seconds) (SD) – A spoof PSA
  • Fox Movie Channel Life After Film School with Diablo Cody (26 Min) (SD) – Diablo is just really awesome.


I like this Blu-ray, I’m starting to develop a new appreciation for full featured single disk Blu-ray releases. I mean the whole point of Blu-ray used to be the large storage capacity so it’s a little annoying when we have to put with multiple discs. The features are all pretty standard, but I did love the 26 Minute Q and A with Diablo.

Final Grades

  • Movie – B
  • Video Quality – A
  • Audio – A
  • Presentation – A
  • Features – B

Final Overall Grade – B

EM Review by
Michelle Alexandria
Originally Post 1.02.2010