Blow Off Some Steam In Darla’s Rage Room!

The Rage Room – Summer Chastant – Photo courtesy of Summer Chastant.

What can you do when you’re just one last straw away from exploding with rage?

If you’re Darla (Chastant, above), you take the alimony from your recent divorce and build a rage room – then you charge people to blow off steam in a safe environment.

Rage Room is Chastant’s new six-episode short form series – now available at A link to the truly delightful (in a dark kind of way) trailer follows.

When you think of Emmy contender TV shows, there are a handful which capture one’s imagination as a “must see” not only for its superior storyline but for the show’s relevance to our national dialogue and pop culture climate. Summer Chastant’s Short Form series, RAGE ROOM, an original dark comedy about the newest craze taking the country by storm interspersed with consequential relationship dilemmas, is directed by Charles Herman Wurmfeld (Legally Blonde, Red, White & Blonde’ ) and gaining thousands of loyal fans across the country.

Watch the trailer here:

The plot line revolves around ‘Darla’ (Chastant), who opens a local business with alimony she received from her recent divorce. Darla creates a space where people can go to blow off steam in a controlled setting creating a “rage room” (ironically, the latest craze sweeping the country). With the aid of a young vagabond, ‘Puja’ and his generous heart, ‘Darla’ confronts her beliefs about humanity while dealing with the everyday drama and comedy of creating a business from the ground up. They are nothing short of an odd couple dealing with compelling neuroses within as they race towards a cathartic breakthrough.

Also starring Sarah Lancaster (Chuck, Everwood) as you’ve never seen her before, the stellar cast includes Matt Biedel (Mad Men). Take some time and watch any of or all six of 3-5 minute webisodes at: