Batman The Complete Television Series: Coming Next Week! New Extras Announced!

Batman The Complete Television Series

If you’ve been sleeping under a rock, I can’t help you. One of the most anticipated Blu-ray releases of the year is nigh! Next week, oh yes, you will be mine! Batman The Complete Television Series Blu-ray collection hits the street next week.

All 120 episodes are remastered into glorious HD. My question is, did they make it wide screen or keep it at a 4:3 aspect ratio, I’m assuming it’s 4:3. Check out the comparison between the old fuzzy versions and the new master.  Check out the difference below.


As if the set wasn’t amazing looking enough (it even includes the Digital Copy version!) WB sweetens the pot by throwing in Dick Ward’s screen test and original Batgirl TV Show Pilot. Eeek, who knew there was going to be a Batgirl spin-off series? I’m really looking forward to getting this.