AT&T Just Screwed Me! F-them and the iPhone. I’m going with Boost Mobile

Ok, I’m really ticked off. I’ve been on AT&T for the last year and a few months, the service at my house has been stellar, but when I travel outside of DC it’s practically unusable. I’ve been on their lowest available plan all this time the 550 a month plan because I generally don’t talk on the phone all that often, I got the plan for the iPhone Data – again, never works when I’m out of town. Last month I upgraded my plan to 700 minutes which should have only cost $20 month. My first bill goes from $100 to $236! Where the extra $100 charge came from I don’t know. Instead of calling and complaining – I hate dealing with any of CSR weasel, I just ate the cost. I just looked at my bill and now my 1,800 roll over minutes are completely gone! Yes, I had 1,800 rollover minutes on a 550 minute a month plan, that should tell you how little I use the phone. And now they are gone. I’m so sick of all of these Mobile providers and their scams and messed up billing practices. I think I’m going to cancel service and just go with Boost Mobile or maybe T-Mobile.  I’ll gladly pay the ETF just to get away from them especially after the way Verizon screwed me on the ETF – even though I went the full 2 years with them, I still got hit with an ETF, so what’s the point of staying until the end of your contract if they still find some way to stick you with the ETF? I’m just sick of these mobile companies.

Updated: May 3, 2010 — 1:55 pm