AMC A-List is the Best Deal in Movies today

Now that movie pass is imploding where does a movie lover turn to?  Since I recently moved, I’m not able to attend Press Screenings that often as the nearest press location is over an hour away so what do I do? I signed up for AMC’s A-List Program. After being burned by MoviePass and Sinemia I was skeptical about A-List. Check out the video below to see my thoughts.


In short, while I’m not entirely happy with my local AMC theater – it’s in a tourist location so sometimes it’s very hard to get to, plus its an old theater that’s in desperate need of a refurbish, A-List is now one of my favorite things.

For $19.95 (Price going up to $25) you get to watch up to 3 movies a week and unlike Movie Pass you can watch those 3 films anyway you want. You can do a double or triple feature if you want to. See the film in any of AMC’s film formats: Dolby Vision, 4Dx, Imax, Imax 3D, AMC DineIn and whatever else they come up with. Best of all you can prebook and easily cancel you booking up to 20 minutes before showtime. The AMC App is a dream to use and it includes a free subscription to AMC’s Stubs program.

While I love AMC Stubs, I hate that they charge $15 a year for the program and I will never pay for a “Perks” program. With A-List you get all the benefits of AMC Stubs included so if you’ll find yourself racking up enough points for free popcorn and drinks pretty soon.

The only drawback to A-List is you need to be a movie lover and see at least 3 movies a month to really get the full benefit out of the service, but even 2 movies a month (if you are in a place that charges $12 a ticket) makes your money back. The other drawback is it only works with AMC movies.

If you have an AMC Theater near you, AMC Stubs is the best movie subscription and a must for any true movie fan.

Final Grade A