A 4D experience of San Andreas the movie through the Cinematransformer Live

San Andreas Experience 2 5-29-15

San Andreas, starring Dwayne Johnson, makes its explosion onto the big screen as it premieres today.  To those eager to experience what it would be like “to be in the movie”, they were given a treat prior to today’s premiere through the Cinematransformer Live as it made its round in several cities the past few months.   Read more after the jump . . .

San_Andreas_promo 5-29-15

As an east coast person who heard about the scary California earthquakes, the evil San Andreas fault, and the impending  “Los Angeles falling into the Pacific Ocean” apocalypse prior to my move here four years ago, it was interesting to see how that would play out in “San Andreas”.

To give me, and thousands of other movie fans a taste of the film, The San Andreas Experience in 4D presented by RealD and ButtKicker gave an exclusive 6.5 min preview.  The Cinetransformer Live, a 91 seat state-of-the-art mobile cinema, travelled through several cities in the United States – New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta, San Antonio, Detroit, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, and Los Angeles – as well as Mexico and the United Kingdom.

As I chatted with general tour manager Kendall Burdett about the San Andreas Experience and was ushered into the mobile cinema at Universal Pictures Hollywood theme park, it appeared that I would not be watching just another movie preview.  The lights dimmed, 3D glasses were donned, and the adventure began.

Explosions felt close by with the the surround sound, and the 3D glasses made the falling buildings look too real for comfort.  There was a brush of wind as The Rock flew by in the helicopter.  Then in a blink of an eye, the preview was done!

So was the San Andreas Experience an experience? Yes, of course! If you are wanting more, then you will certainly need more than 6.5 minutes to satisfy your desire for another action packed thriller.  And you are in luck–because the whole movie is out now in theatres!

Official web site: http://www.sanandreasmovie.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/sanandreasmovie

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Courtesy of Warner Brothers