TELEVISION NEWS: American Idol Top 2 Showdown, Thrilla in Vanilla!

American Idol Top 2 Kris Allen and Adam Lambert

Tonight it all comes to an end; well, other than tomorrow night’s results show. The last Idol showdown and it’s all come down to the understated, no personality, weak voice Kris Allen, to the over the top, gay, Broadway screamer Adam Lambert. My money and everyone’s money is on Lambert moon walking all over the milk toast. But not so fast, the American public may shock us all and give it to Kris because they are tired of the Judges over pimping Adam.

Like I’ve said every week for the last 12 weeks, Adam isn’t good – he CAN’T sing! What he has is CHARISMA; he oozes it. I say give the Judges what they want I really don’t see Adam having a long-term successful pop career. Yes, he’ll be hot the first year, but I can’t imagine that screeching he does will have long-term viability outside of Broadway or Vegas. I can see him becoming really huge in those two forums but as a “Rock Star?” No way. Kris, I don’t know where he goes either or even what type of artist he would be. But despite my criticisms, I admire Kris, this is like the race between the Tortoise and the Hare. Slowly but surely Kris has quietly made it to the top 2 out of nowhere and despite all the odds. You have to admire that.

Of course I’m going to watch tonight, can’t help myself, but I don’t know if I’ll have the energy to do a Re-Cap unless something so over the top bad or good happens. I will predict that at some point tonight, Simon will tell Adam “He just won Idol with that performance,” and no matter what poor schlep Kris does, the Judges won’t’ like it. Well, they’ll try and be even handed and will rave on one Kris performance and slam the other.

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  1. Oh my, I so disagree with you. Adam CAN sing and has amazing control over his voice. You may not like his voice but he most certainly CAN sing. Many people don't like what they term the screams he does. One just has to listen to Danny Gokey's scream at the end of Dream On and there is the comparison. I like Kris and he has had some good performances. Heartless was great and really illustrated the pleasantness in his voice while the One Republic song did exactly the opposite (illustrated his weaknesses). Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but seriously Adam CAN sing you just don't like it!!!!

  2. What Adam can't sing?! No!… he can sing and he's what we need…different, rock! I'm tired of these pop stars, country singers,and whatever else; he's different and he may not be what everyone likes but who all likes the same things!? Chris isn't bad…he has a good voice but to me he's pretty much just boring and typical. Never gave me goose bumps, tears, or excited for that matter. Adam sure did! I think Danny or Allison should be in the finals with Adam but hey all these young girls seems to scream, hoot, and holla for Chris and he was the slient but deadly one that must have fans/family that's dial happy. I know some people listen to the judges but even they don't like the same things and have different opinions! Go with your own opinion and what you like. That's how it is suppose to be people! plus that makes the show a bit better!

  3. Er…you definitely don't have to like Adam's voice, but saying he can't sing is factually wrong. There are singers out there who I may not particularly enjoy listening to, but I can still admit that they are technically excellent.

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