TELEVISION REVIEW: American Idol Top 2 Recap, The Judges Admit it’s Rigged!!

American Idol Top 2 Adam Lambert

Let me start by saying, I’m really digging the commercial for Glee and the new Geico Caveman commercial. Now on to Idol, I’m not going to waste a lot of verbiage tonight but I will say it was a real interesting night. It seemed like Adam knows that he has it in the bag and he’s playing it completely safe tonight.  I will partially take back what I’ve been saying all season, Adam can sing. But in the low ranges, he loses me when goes into the full on screaming/screeching mode.  Each contestant does 3 songs and the script goes about as I expected, only Simon was right in his assessments, I can’t fault him tonight.

  • Adam opens strong with an amazing version of Mad World and knocks it out of the park. He looked fantastic, had the smoke happening and sounded great.  Grade A
  • Adam’s next song was A Change is Going to Come, he did a great job in the low range but lost his way on the high points.  Grade B-
  • The last song was weird, both contestants have to do the same song written by Kara DioGuardi and it was an absolute train wreck. The song is AWFUL, Adam finally left the Judges speechless and not in a good way. Simon had the gall to say HE wasn’t going to Judge Adam on the basis of that Song, but on his performance throughout the season. WTF was that?  Does this mean they are officially saying Idol is fixed, that because Adam blew the song, they are going to rig the vote? They built Kara up all season as this awesome songwriter and that’s what she came up with?  For Adam, The Judges and Especially Kara, an Epic F.

American Idol Kris Allen

Then there was little Meek Kris who had a surprisingly weird night as well.

  • He opened great with Ain’t No Sunshine, his voice strength surprised me and his piano playing was good, he was in tune, oozed passion, just a great performance. Most life I’ve seen from him all season. Grade A
  • His second song of the night was an absolute train wreck (yeah, I need to learn a new description), I mean Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On?” It’s a brave choice, but actually should have been a great match. But his performance had no passion, it was way too laid back for the song and it doesn’t work with a guitar. Simon described it best when he said it was like 3 friends sitting in a bedroom strumming along.  What was he thinking? Grade D
  • His last song was the awful Kara song, No Boundaries and amazingly enough, I thought he did great, totally blew Adam out of the water. The Judges reaction totally ticked me off. They just didn’t want to admit that Kris was better than Adam.  Kara’s comment that she wasn’t going to Judge him on the song she freaking WROTE!!? What is that? Simon didn’t want to compliment him either so he also said the same thing he said to Adam, we’re going to judge you based on the season. What a cop out to all of them. Just horrible judging throughout the season and tonight they just sealed it after Adam blew the last song. Grade A

There were so many different things wrong with having Kara write the final song, not only does it seem like there’s a conflict of interest. It’d be one thing if the song was she ended up writing was good or great, but when the song Sucks they change their judging criteria to we’re not going to base it on the Song, but the entire body of work? Nevermind that for the previous 6 years it was always “You have to be ready to wow, us Every night.” Also what was the point of having them both sing the same stupid song? In the past the Top 2 sung a different original song each. The one thing having them both sing the same song did was show clearly who was a better pure singer and unfortunately for Adam and the Judges it was Kris.

Kris won the night, Adam started out amazing but went downhill and I find myself really wanting him to win now because I think he would be a fun Idol once he’s set lose.

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  1. Oh man: so many problems with this "article". I'll only point out that Kris Allen did not perform "A Change is Gonna Come" as you state above — he performed "Ain't No Sunshine". What a joke.

    1. ok first of all, where did you learn how to read? It clearly states that Kris sang "aint no sunshine" and Adam sang " A change is going to happen". So the only thing I can say to you is thanks for pointing out the obviousness, re-read an article before you post idiotic comments you dick fondler.

  2. Whoever wrote this article should be fired. Get your facts! Also, Kris was HORRIBLE singing the final song.

    1. "Kris was HORRIBLE" is an opinion not a fact. So no he shouldn't be fired. But you might want to rethink posting further comments.

  3. The show was rigged from the onset. They brought Adam in from Broadway and made a production of his songs with added lights and smoke and mirrors. However they did none of this for the other performers. That was wrong and tell in itself. Secondly, it is one thing to sing a song and another to see how loud one can scream.

    1. To Ron: Adam was in charge of everything to do with his performances (as were the others). The lighting, entrances, stratigizing of songs, putting his personal slant to make them "pure Adam", his wardrobe, it was all HIM. Adam addressed this misconception in one of his interviews. "They" did not bring him in from 'Broadway". Adam was in a lot of local shows in L.A. (Wicked, The Ten Commandments and others). He decided on his own to audition for AI and came with three friends to the San Francisco auditions, stood in line from early A.M. throughout the day. Adam's so-called scream is his falsetto and is something very revered in singers. The first sentence you wrote may in fact be true, about the show being rigged although I believe the texters mainly from his home state of Arkansas along with the Gokey votes gave Kris the win. Many thought it was a travesty that Adam didn't win with his once in a lifetime talent, but he now has more control over his career, so it was probably a blessing in disguise. Without Adam the Season 8 would have been boring.

  4. I agree that Kris sang the shitty Kara song better. Mediocre songs go well with mediocre singers. There's nothing that can be done to make that song great. It was a bad bad song — I mean isn't there a law against using the word 'boundaries' in a song that has to be actually sung — and an absolute travesty that Adam was forced to sing it, which he did manfully to his credit but really… it was like asking Rob Halford to sing 'Like a Virgin'. I wanted to puke and the moment Adam started off on that song, I knew his fate was sealed. If the producers really wanted Adam to win, they wouldn't have given him such a terrible song to sing. I think they wanted Kris to win all along and dissed him so much to get the vote bank all riled up. This way they have two stars to market… well at least for a short while. I don't think Kris, cuteness, "artistry" and all, has lasting power. I'm bitterly disappointed on behalf of Adam but also relieved that now he doesn't have to sing that horrorcrap of a song. In fact, Poor Kris — even he's too nice a dude to be forced to belt out that humdinger.

  5. Kris clearly won the night and is an amazing vocalist. Adam had a great run as well. They should both be commended for their efforts this season. It was incredibly entertaining to watch them this season and the finale was probably the best so far. The only way it could have improved is if they brought out Rob Thomas with Santana during the smooth performance.

  6. Adam clearly has the better vocals and should have won. The problem is that the people who vote are mostly young girls that vote for the wrong reason. I believe Adam will emerge the star anyway and will rise to the top of the charts. With Adams loss last night I am reminded why I don't usually watch the show.

  7. Adam Lambert was clearly the better singer, performer, and artist! I don't know if I'm going to watch the show again, it was a huge disappointment to see Kris win.

  8. Adam was not better. He is entertaining and can scream for extended periods of time. He has power, but it gets old with a lot of his songs. Some are brilliant, but most are just about or above average.

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