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The Birth of Saké: I’ll Drink To That!

The press release for POV’s The Birth of Saké begins, ‘There’s a lot more to saké—the legendary Japanese rice wine—than most drinkers realize. The best bottles embody a 2,000-year tradition that is painstaking, precise, incredibly labor-intensive and increasingly rare. Its creation is a cross between producing great art and raising “an unruly child.”’ That statement […]

Shocking Oscar®-Nominated The Act of Killing Premieres on October 6th!

The Act of Killing features Indonesian death squad leaders like Anwar Congo (above, center),  dramatizing their acts – from slaughtering whole villages to offering a victim a last cigarette before killing him. One of the most shocking documentaries ever made, The Act of Killing, will premiere as part of PBS’ POV series on Monday, October 6th (check local listings for times). For […]

POV’s Poignant The Genius of Marian Reflects World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month!

Banker White and Anna Fitch’s poignant documentary The Genius of Marian is the story of one family’s efforts to cope with Alzheimer’s as wife and mother Pam White is diagnosed with the disease that ravaged her mother – the painter Marian Williams Steele. With September being the third global World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, PBS is airing this […]