MOVIE REVIEW: Unique and Innovative Science Fiction Awaits You in District 9

District 9

By now you may have heard a rumbling about a rather small film called District 9. If you haven’t seen the movie as of yet, you probably don’t know much about its plot, or even who is in it, but you’ve probably heard something good about it from other critics. But here’s the real secret- the reason why everyone keeps raving about District 9 is because they knew nothing about it going in and it was the fun of being surprised that won them over. And if you’re even remotely interested in seeing this film after this review, you’ll do yourself the favor of reading or hearing as little as possible about it before the lights go down.

This is usually the point in the review where I discuss plot, but in sticking to my statements above, I’m purposefully going to be as vague as possible. District 9 is about humans and aliens in South Africa. It’s meant to be a representation of what the world would probably be like if aliens came to Earth. The best parallel I can make to this is 1993’s Contact with Josie Foster in that, that film also tried to showcase what it felt was a realistic scenario regarding aliens. No sinister plot to take over the world. No hero or heroine saving the day. Just “what would it be really like?” District 9 approaches the subject from the same perspective.

The next important note is that this movie is not at all “scary” in the way we think of Aliens or other sci-fi horror movies. District 9 is however extremely violent and gory. This is as an R-rated movie for some very disgusting and disturbing sequences, and so while intrigue may draw you to the theater, you should be forewarned that there are things you will see and hear that will make the stomachs of even the least squeamish persons turn.

But yes, I concur with many other reviewers out there, District 9 is an incredibly well-made movie. For all those who clamor Hollywood doesn’t have anything new to offer, this is an answer. District 9 had a budget 5 million *less* than comedy The Hangover, which wasn’t exactly a special effects rollercoaster. Somehow though, District 9 feels extremely epic through its incredible characters, dialogue, visual effects and fascinating plot.  I should also mention that the main actor has never, ever been in anything before and the 29 year old director has never directed anything before. To say that this film is a good start to their careers would be a bit of an understatement.

I don’t believe this is a movie people will want to watch over and over again, but I think for those who enjoy really fascinating, well-thought out science fiction action this will more than entertain them.  There’s a lot to be both enjoyed and learned from District 9, so I’m giving it a high recommendation to fans of truly original science fiction action.

Final Grade: A

EM Review
By Christopher Troilo
Originally Posted 8.15.2009


  1. I saw the movie a couple of days ago and enjoyed it immensely.

    I will not say too much as I don't want to give anything away. If I have a criticism – there was rather a lot of swearing in it. Albeit in South African accents.

    I've been an avid science fiction reader and movie goer for many years and a writer for just a couple of years.

    The link to my recent book is:


  2. Thanks for the review. As a science fiction author I love
    "really fascinating, well-thought out science fiction action this will more than entertain them." In short, I can't wait to see it this week.

    Check out my first and recently released novel, Long Journey to Rneadal. This exciting story is a romantic action adventure in space.

  3. Thanks David and Sharon for the feedback! Yes, I certainly hope you enjoy the film. Let me know what you think!


  4. i did not like watching this movie very much in fact thought about walking out on it very early on. Strangely enough i cant stop thinking about it. If you do watch i agree dont read about it or watch the previews

  5. immensly? Wtf homie! Were you on something.. man those aliens looked fake as fuck… I give that movie an F!!!

  6. Bitch no wants to read your book; this is a movie review site not a promote your book site!

  7. You are awesome man! That movie sucked baLLS!

  8. Stop writing you are a idiot chris get a girl!!!!

  9. I know i spelled it wrong i dont give a fuck!!!!

  10. Christopher Troilo

    Heh- that's a very interesting comment. I know people who like to classify movies not as "like" or "dislike" but "appreciate". That may be a better description for this movie. It's not one I want to watch again, but I applaud what it did.

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