HBO Takes On The 2008 Financial Crisis with Too Big To Fail!


The 2008 financial crisis nearly destroyed the American economy – and had global repercussions. Now HBO takes on the machinations that led to the financial freefall in Too big To Fail [Monday, 9/8C]. Follow the jump for preview photos, summary and credits.


On Monday, May 23rd at 9:00p.m. ET/PT, HBO Films presents TOO BIG TOO FAIL and I have some great assets that you can share with your readers. The film is based on Andrew Ross Sorkin’s bestselling book of the same name.  Directed by Oscar-winner Curtis Hanson (“L.A. Confidential”), the film offers an intimate look at the epochal Wall Street financial crisis of 2008 and explores the inner sanctum of the powerful men and women who decided the fate of the world’s economy in a matter of a few weeks.  Centering on Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, the film goes behind closed doors to examine the symbiotic relationship between Wall Street and Washington.


The film’s stellar cast includes stars Oscar-winner William Hurt (“Kiss of the Spider Woman”), seven-time Emmy-winner Edward Asner (“Up”), Billy Crudup (“Eat Pray Love”), Emmy-winner Paul Giamatti (HBO’s “John Adams”), Topher Grace (“Spider-Man 3”), Matthew Modine (“Weeds”), two-time Emmy-winner Cynthia Nixon (HBO’s “Sex and the City”), Michael O’Keefe (“Michael Clayton”), Bill Pullman (“While You Were Sleeping”), three-time Emmy-winner Tony Shalhoub (“Monk”) and two-time Emmy-winner James Woods (HBO’s “Citizen Cohn”).








Photos courtesy HBO.