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The Blacklist – Fugitive Times Two!

The third season premiere of The Blacklist (NBC, Thursdays, 9/8C), The Troll Farmer, picks up within minutes of the conclusion of the second season premiere, with Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington and FBI Special Agent Elizabeth Kean on the run following Kean’s killing of the Attorney-General/key Cabal member. The season three tag line, ‘It’s good to be […]

NBC Reveals 2015 Fall Premiere Dates!

NBC has announced its 2015 Fall Premiere dates – beginning with Sunday Night Football on Thursday, September 10th and Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris on Tuesday, September 15th. Event series Heroes Reborn begins on Thursday, September 24th. Other new shows making their debut include: Blindspot (pictured above, Sept. 21), The Player (Sept. 24), People […]

First Look: Allegiance!

So, you’re a spy – tracking activity of an opposing nation for the good of the Good Ole USofA. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to you, your parents are spies working for that opposing nation. Is your first allegiance to your family or your country? (This question applies to both you and your parents). This is the quandary […]