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The Player – You Wanna Bet?

The Player (Thursdays, 10/9C) is NBC’s latest ludicrous crime show – like The Blacklist and this season’s other off-the-wall series Blindspot it’s meant to be an action-packed hour that takes an almost reasonable sounding premise and blow it up for our entertainment. Ludicrous, I might add, does not mean bad – The Blacklist is one […]

Cinemax Changes Focus with Strike Back!

With Strike Back, HBO’s racier cable outlet steps away from its ‘Skinema’ nickname and moves into the realm of hard-edged action-adventure. The premise of new series [which premieres on Friday, August 12th at 10/9C] is as follows: when a resourceful international terrorist group plots an attack, a charismatic former U.S. Special Forces operative joins forces […]