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MOBILE PHONE REVIEW: Verizon’s LG Versa Unboxed and Reviewed

Mobile Phone Review - Verizon's LG Versa

After spending the last few weeks checking out T-Mobile phones, I thought it was time to give Verizon’s latest and “greatest” phone from my friends at LG a go. The LG Versa hit the shelves last week and is a pretty slick little phone. This small touch-screen is somewhere between a “dumb” and “smart” phone. It’s for people like me who want a standard phone with more features (like a prettier interface, touchscreen) but don’t want to get hosed with expensive data plans. The problem is with Verizon’s network they nickel and dime you on everything so no matter what you do, if you go beyond the call plan you might as well bend over and just take it. Once I activated the phone on my plan I went and added the mobile web and email functions on the phone. Cost $15 a month and the experience isn’t all that good – more on this later in the review. Let’s start with the positives.


This phone is pretty slick. The size is just right and fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. The touchscreen has tactile feedback and makes a sound when you click it. I find this to be pretty annoying, luckily you can turn these features off. The touch feels just right, you have to press a little hard on it, but it’s not a button like the Storm, it’s more natural. The phone has a nice heft to it, not to light or not to heavy, you’ll know it’s in your pocket.  The battery life feels a bit off to me, I don’t know what the claimed battery time is, but it seems like the standby time is less than 24 hrs, every morning when I get up there’s only about 2 bars worth of power left. I’m not a heavy talker so I can’t really comment on the talk time.  Call quality is clean, didn’t have any problems with signal strength like I have in the past with Verizon phones. The phone has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

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Verizon gets serious with it’s Fall Lineup of Phones. By Jenny Zwick

LG Voyager the Verizon iPhone Alternative - EclipseMagazine.com Cool Tech Preview

Verizon finally gets serious about the competition and has some sweet phones coming this Christmas. The LG Voyager is the first phone offered by Verizon Wireless that–like the Apple iPhone–has a large external touch screen. Flip up the screen and there’s also a full QWERTY keypad underneath. The LG Voyager, which is exclusive to Verizon Wireless, is at the high end of Verizon’s new lineup. It comes with many features including an HTML browser, access to VCast Music and Verizon’s live mobile TV service offered over Qualcomm’s MediaFlo network called VCast Mobile TV. Continue reading Verizon gets serious with it’s Fall Lineup of Phones. By Jenny Zwick