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Recap: Once Upon a Time Episode 5×02 “The Price”

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The residents of Storybrooke have returned from Camelot and are anxious to get their memories back revealing what took place during their six week adventure. The dwarves, lead by Grumpy, head to the town line to test its limitations trying to make an escape from Storybrooke fearing Emma’s wrath as the new Dark One.

Poor Dopey is the silent guinea pig who is nominated by Grumpy to cross the line only to be stopped by Mary Margaret, David and Regina. Insisting they are no match for Emma since she was a driving force on the side of good and knows how their playbook against their enemies, Grumpy convinces Dopey to move forward with their plan. What seems like a positive step to escaping the latest curse quickly turns hairy or should I say leafy…Dopey is magically turned into a tree. I don’t know why there is a town line at this point if there’s going to be such strong magic on the other side of it in a land supposedly with no magic.


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Recap: “Once Upon a Time” 5×01 Dark Swan Rises and a New Savior Takes the Lead

ONCE UPON A TIME - "The Dark Swan" - Immediately after becoming the Dark One, Emma disappears and the heroes must band together to save her, but first they have to find her, which will require the help of an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, in the Enchanted Forest, Emma struggles to resist her dark urges as she searches for Merlin in the hope that he can stop her transformation. Along the way to Camelot, she gets help from the plucky and brave warrior princess Merida, as well as King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, in the adventure-filled season five premiere of "Once Upon a Time," SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Jack Rowand) JENNIFER MORRISON
ONCE UPON A TIME – “The Dark Swan” – ABC Television Network. (ABC/Jack Rowand)

Once Upon a Time Season 5 has begun! We find our favorite fairy tale characters back in Storybrooke right where we left off at the end of Season 4. Emma has just sacrificed herself to save Regina from the darkness securing her place as the new Dark One. But where did Emma go? How does Camelot come in to play this season? How badass is Merida? These questions and so much more are answered in the season premiere!

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Once Upon A Time 4×16 “Best Laid Plans” Sneak Peek


Hook tells Emma that her fate is at stake in Gold’s plan while Regina leads the villains on a wild goose chase. Henry makes a breakthrough in his search to find the Author, but Mary Margaret and David need a moment to reconsider the best course of action.

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Recap: Once Upon a Time – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice


Its date night in Storybrooke! Even though she’s gone back and forth struggling with her feelings for Hook, Emma cautiously takes the plunge and asks a more than willing Hook out on a real date but more on that later. The name of this episode is The Sorcerer’s Apprentice so that’s where we begin.

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Recap: Once Upon a Time – A Tale of Two Sisters


The episode starts off in a realm not our own with a small vessel struggling to stay afloat crashing through the waves of a surging sea. A young woman of noble blood staggers below deck fighting the rocking ship and jolt of the rough waters to desperately etch out a note before the ship’s demise. Her husband enters the cabin frantically trying to get her to join him on deck but she is determined to finish the note explaining to Elsa and Anna the truth in the hope that it will save them. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this couple are the parent of Frozen characters Elsa and Anna on their way from Arendelle to parts unknown.

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A Young Girl from Kansas Threatens to be Zelena’s Undoing – Once Upon a Time ‘Kansas’

With Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) in labor, the residents of Storybrooke go on high alert to ensure that Zelena (Rebecca Mader) doesn’t try to steal her new born baby, and in the land of OZ of the past, a young girl from Kansas threatens to be Zelena’s undoing.

More on Episode 20 titled “Kansas” from ABC’s Once Upon a Time after the jump.

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