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TV Recap: Change is Not Always Welcome – A Commentary on Supernatural 5.06 I Believe the Children Are Our Future

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Yes we start off with the usual drill, but have to say there is not a whole lot of big things going on around the fandom to talk about this time around. So I’ll focus a bit on some follow up on some things brought up in last week’s recap.

Last week I mentioned that a statement was put out by a reliable source, One Tree Hill actress Danneel Harris, that neither Jensen Ackles nor Jared Padalecki has twitter accounts. I guess the memo didn’t reach whoever is attempting to impersonate Jared Padalecki on Twitter. However @PadaleckiJared was supremely outed when on Saturday, October 13th they posted a twitter saying that they had to ‘take care of a problem at the studio’. Now normally this might sound just legit enough to fool the unsuspecting fan who wants to believe that this is the real Jared Padalecki, but for one thing. Supernatural fans knew what the faker obviously didn’t, that the studio in Canada was closed that weekend due to the Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday and that the real Jared Padalecki was photographed in the Vancouver airport on that Saturday getting ready to catch a flight out to enjoy his time off. The imposter hasn’t yet been back to post to their twitter account since being massively outed by those who don’t take kindly to seeing others being tricked by a faker.

The petition to get more promotion for Supernatural that was mentioned last week is still going strong over at Supernatural-web, but that is an issue in itself that I could devote an entire article to addressing. Speaking of petitions, over on Facebook some fans have started a petition to get Clif Kosterman to be considered as a guest for upcoming Supernatural conventions after Clif jokingly mentioned that he guessed there wasn’t any room on a convention guest list for him as he never seemed to get invited. As mentioned in last week’s recap, Clif played the role of the prisoner Tiny in the S2.19 episode Folsom Prison Blues and has since become bodyguard for series leads Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. I would love to see Clif be a guest at conventions but I have one really important question to put forth about that: If Clif attends a convention as a headlining guest, does that mean that Ackles and Padalecki would come along to be his bodyguards? I mean after all turn about is fair play right? Ok guess not.

On to the recap!

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