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TV’s Bottom Feeders for 2014: The Dirty Dozen!

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Happy New Year!

I thought I’d say farewell to 2014 by excising the memory of the worst television had to offer in the past year. The list is an official Dirty Dozen of shows that were misconceived from the start, or smothered potentially great ideas under the weight of terrible writing (making one wonder how their creators could have even had that good of an idea to begin with).

There are no reality shows here – neither competition or alleged slice-of-life variety does much for me so I tend not to watch them. I haven’t seen everything, so there are probably a ton of awful shows that I have never seen. Feel free to add your thoughts on terrible shows in the comments.

So as to not single out a single worst show of the year, I’ve listed the contenders alphabetically.

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Dearly Departing Dexter Meets The Psychopath Whisperer!

DEXTER (Season 6)

Dr. Evelyn Vogel is the undisputed expert on psychopaths – complete with a unique theory on why they exist. When she tella Dexter Morgan she’s looking forward to working with him, could it be that she leaves him wondering, ‘What did she mean by that?’

Follow the jump to check out the video that gives us out first look at Charlotte Rampling as Dr. Evelyn Vogel.

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Trailer: Dexter: Season 8–Things Look Grim for Dexter & Deb!


Dexter Morgan is about to leave us. When Dexter (Showtime, Sundays, 9/8C) returns on June 30th, it is the beginning of the end –but for whom will it be worse – Dexter or Deb? Follow the jump to watch the official Season 8 trailer and decide for yourself.

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Television: Sheldon’s Favorite Fifteen for 2010

Lost S6

There are now so many television channels – and so much programming – that Sturgeon’s Law [‘90% of everything is crap’] may apply, but it’s no longer relevant! Now, with hundreds of channels to choose from, it’s virtually impossible to not find at least thirty or forty really good programs. I know because I watch about that many on a semi-regular to regular basis – and there are many more that I check in on from time to time.

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TELEVISION REVIEW: Deadly Daddy Dexter’s Toughest Challenge Yet!

Television’s favorite monster, Dexter [Showtime, Sundays, 9/8C], us back and even though he’s got a new and nasty serial killer to deal with, his biggest, most ominous challenge just may be fatherhood! Season opens with, among other things, Dexter’s [Michael C. Hall] sleep deprivation causing him to screw up in court; misplace the body of his latest victim, and flip his SUV. Could things get much worse?

St. Dexter, S4

How about the introduction of a serial killer who kills three women of very specific types, over a very specific period of time – and then moves to a different city to repeat the pattern? Now, just suppose that he’s in Miami to celebrate a scary anniversary of his first three kills. And suppose that FBI uber-profiler Frank Lundy [Keith Carradine] is back in town following him – much to the surprise and consternation of a certain female detective who might just be Dexter’s sister [Jennifer Carpenter].

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TELEVISION: Showtime Partners Up with Summit Entertainment & Twilight!

Showtime Networks Inc., the home of such unique programming as Dexter and Californication have bumped up their movie slate by entering into an exclusive output agreement which includes up to forty-two of Summit’s films to be theatrically released between 2008 and 2012 for airing on the network.  The agreement includes the studio’s box office hit Twilight and future instalments in the newly-minted franchise. 


Besides the Twilight franchise, Summit has several highly anticipated releases set for 2009 and beyond, all of which will air under the agreement with Showtime.  Titles include Knowing, directed by Alex Proyas (I Robot, The Crow) and starring Academy Award® Winner Nicolas Cage and Rose Byrne; Push, starring Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, two-time Academy Award® nominee Djimon Hounsou and Camilla Belle; Next Day Air featuring Donald Faison, Mos Def, and Mike Epps; Bandslam starring Vanessa Hudgens, Alyson Michalka, and Lisa Kudrow; and Sorority Row, with Rumer Willis and Briana Evigan.