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ABC’s Agent Carter To Make Two-Hour Debut!

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Marvel’s Agent Carter is getting a double-sized premiere. When the ABC bridge between the Fall and Winter runs of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premieres on Tuesday, January 6 (8/7C), it will be with back-to-back episodes leading into a new episode of Forever.

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DVD REVIEW: FlashForward: Season One, Part One – Fast Start; Dwindling Returns; Still Lots of Potential!

When it premiered last fall, FlashForward was considered to be one of two potential replacements for the departing Lost – at least in terms of epic, serialized storytelling. The series premiere set out the basics – for two minutes and seventeen seconds, everyone on the planet lost consciousness. In that time, they experienced visions of where they would be in six months time.


In my review of the premiere, I wrote, “While the premise of the series might seem to limit its shelf life, there are good people involved – and they were smart enough to hire Mr. Sawyer as a consultant. Put that together with a premiere that is superbly put together, with fine performances and a judicious mix of action and intelligence, and the result is one of the best hours of television ever made – and the best pilot of the fall season… in a walk.”

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TV RECAP: Legend of the Seeker: Baneling – What the Mark Means!

After a rapid fire “previously on…” segment, we see Richard running his fingers over the Keeper’s mark – drawing Kahlan’s attention. When she asks if it hurts, she tells him that being marked by the Keeper is not nothing! Richard ignores this and focuses on the need to find the Stone of Tears and the group heads off to the Cloister of Ulrich to find it in ruins! The cloister was taken by D’Haran soldiers. Cara says the survivors would have been taken to a death camp.


We see men, including one with facial markings that suggest a monk, being hanged inside a rough stockade. Inside a nearby building, two men fill a trunk with booty – quickly so as to gain their reward. Said reward is to be hanged like everyone else. Before this batch of prisoners can be killed, however, the Seeker makes a dramatic entrance. He, Kahlan and Cara fight the soldiers with Zed picking off any who try to get behind them. Kahlan confesses one of the soldiers, who turns on his comrades. [I’m especially impressed by the women’s ferocity – from the beginning, Kahlan has gone for her opponents’ throats with her daggers – Cara seems to be down with that approach as well. Ruthless!]

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