Win A Copy of The Others on DVD or VHS!!!!!

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THE OTHERS begins with a close-up of a woman screaming. By the time this intense film ends, everyone watching it will be screaming and gasping. Nicole Kidman stars as Grace, a woman raising two children by herself in a creepy mansion. World War II is over, but Grace’s husband never returned. Meanwhile, the two children, Anne and Nicholas, must constantly stay in the dark because they are deathly allergic to light. Then one day three people show up to take over for Grace’s disappeared staff, and trouble starts to brew. The odd trio–an aging nanny, an elderly gardener, and a young mute girl–seems to have a slightly different agenda than Grace and the children do. But when Anne starts talking to strange, unseen people, the scares start building to an incredible climax.Read our Exclusive Interview with the Director Visit The Official Website PURCHASE THE DVDCAST LIST Nicole Kidman … Grace Fionnula Flanagan … Mrs. Bertha Mills Christopher Eccleston … Charles Alakina Mann … Anne James Bentley … Nicholas Eric Sykes … Mr. Edmund Tuttle Elaine Cassidy … Lydia Ren

epsiode 2

episode 2 was an ok movie but it seemed like it was a little too much like episode 1. the whole droid federation thing was too similar. over all it was a great movie though with great special effects and funny at times especialy when the cripled yoda fights count dooku and he does all those flips. I thought it could have been better and i’m looking forward to seeing the next movie in the series

Resident Evil – Awesome!!!!!

Ok, my internet access still sucks, which is why I haven’t posted anything in the last two weeks. My broadband connection will be activated later this week. And why didn’t anyone tell me EM is so slow on a dial up connection? I may end up changing the design in a few weeks to speed up the load time and make it more compatible with other browsers besides I.E.

Anyhoo, I just got back from Resident Evil and what can I say? STELLER!!!! This is the perfect, popcorn flick, and more importantly the perfect example of how to translate a hit video game to the big screen.

This is coming from someone who NEVER liked the game, and never got what the big hoopla was about. Sure it was one of the first “cinematic” games, and it broke new ground, but I still found the game dull and slow.

The thrills, chills, and twists keeps you on the edge of your seat right up until the slam bang ending. I absolutely love this film! George Romano move over, there’s a new Zombie franchise in town, and this Zombie fest is actually good. Would definitely give this film an A+ . Look for my full review later this week.


Death to Smoochy

This is a funny flick Robin Williams plays the villain and he is very good at this role his attempts at making smoochy look bad always back fires. The purple dinosaur in this movie is smoochy. Smoochy is an off the wall person played by Edward. Edward eats soy dogs, drinks and eats anything organic and is interested in teaching kids values. The other characters are only interested in making money hence the reason to kill Smoochy.

Please do not be fooled into thinking that you should bring your kids to see this movie it is not a kid’s flick. Five minutes into the movie Robin Williams is using obscenities. Robin gives a wonderful and convincing performance and I truly enjoyed this movie there were lots of funny moments in this movie. Do not take my word it after all I am only a moviegoer not a critic. A+

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Fans Need a Jason versus Freddy Movie!!!!!

It’s about time these two horror movie anti heroes met on the big screen. The die hard old school horror fans have been forced to put up with trash like “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and parody gross out flicks like “Scary Movie” for way too long. Where is the creativity, the goofy nuances of New Line Cinema’s classic villains of days gone by? Fans need the battle and we need it now. Boasting 17 movies between them, (“Wes Craven’s New Nightmare” is not in the series, but is nonetheless a Freddy movie), a fight between them with some witty plot is exactly what the industry needs. Even though Jason has survived more sequels, I think Freddy, with his sense of humor and that damn cool glove of his, with persevere! What do you think?

New Spiderman Thread Starts Now

Ok, I forgot that I lost the old Spidey thread when I switched forums, so I’m starting the new one today. I know a lot of EM’ers will be trying to scam some passes for tomorrow night’s press screening, and I believe there will be a bunch of Press and Promo screenings on Tuesday night. I want to
hear your reactions tomorrow night and Wednesday.

I’m really into the hype, but my enthusiam has been tempered a little because I read the book last week, and I’ve been watching a lot of exclusive never before seen footage (that will air on this week’s EMTV) this weekend. My impression is the night time shots are amazing! But the day time shots look a little too cartoony (this is the out of costume stuff), and that’s not even factoring in the daytime CGI.

The new trailers that Sony will be coming out with during the course of this week and the next few weeks are stunning! And mindblowing! I may make some of these trailers available on EM later this week.

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“The New Guy” And The Age Of Teenage Movies

I saw “The New Guy” and amazingly, for how bad it was, it made me laugh quite a bit. Ok, so maybe things like “plot” and “character development” and “realism” and even “quality dialogue” were either thrown out the window or dealt with in a sophomoric nonchalance that only a teenage viewer can enjoy. It was a fantasy and staying true to this premise, everything about this film was pretty unrealistic. The high school for example; what high school has a majority of the girl population looking like 26 year old super models? Or, how did the main character keep winding up in jail and then seemingly keeps getting out just as mysteriously. The film is nuts, with fast cuts, guitar infused funk riffs at the introduction of many characters, and random cameos from pop culture stars gone by like Vanilla Ice. “The New Guy” is just above your standard bubblegum teen movie, with its own twists, its own skewed perspective on high school life and thanks to a plethora of bathroom jokes and sexual inuendo, a few more laughs. Enjoy.

scary movie

I think that of all the dvd stuff that scary movie definantly had the best extra scenes in it such as “hop along shorty” and other greats that i wont mention because they’re too nasty to talk about. it is an extremely funny movie with very funny out-takes and extra deleted scenes

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