Austin Powers

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I was listening to the radio this morning, and they were talking about a the new movie coming out this summer. Britney Spears is doing a cameo in it. Supposivly, she makes fun of herself, something about robbritney. Austin then ask her if her boobs are real. Sh says no, and starts to shoot him with them…

Monsters Ball

I’m sure there is a thread here somewhere, though might as well start one here.

saw this on saturday and i’m still blown away about how bloody subtle the whole thing is. without a shadow of doubt now, halle berry deserves the award for her turn in this. and though snubbed by Oscar, Billy Bob continues assert himself as one of my favorite actors in Hollywood.

fantastic…though if u didn’t like In The Bedroom, u might not like Monsters Ball – though are striking differences in the camera work and directing.


The new film by Christopher Nolan (Memento) stays very faithful to the original foreign language film of 1997, until the ending. Al Pacino gives an excellent performance as a police officer from LA sent to a small town in Alaska during the summer to help with a murder investigation. He really looks like he hasn’t slept in days, and not just because of the 24 hour daylight. Robin Williams portrays a local writer, without any of his usual histrionics. Hilary Swank has a supporting role as a local cop who is smarter than she looks. I enjoyed this suspenseful film, and it’s psychological twists.

Salmanusha – Chapter 4

For those who haven’t been reading this story, I thought I’d post the first two chapters again as well. So you can easily follow this new yarn, what? tale, what? story. What? fiction that I’m spinning. What? Actually the yarn is too big to post in the forum in one chunk. What? So here’s Chapter one and two. What? Followed by the brand new chapter
What? Is also posted in the Archive for easier reading.


Chapter 1

Danielle held onto Henry as though her very life depended on it. She never wanted to let him go. She loved the smell of his manly sent. She never felt such a mixture of wildly divergent emotions. After the day that they shared and the night that they just spent at the Gypsy Camp, and the kisses that they shared she knew that she was head over heals in love with this man. She sighed deeply, the knowledge that this relationship can never be, overwhelmed her she buried head on his back and silently cried to herself.

When he woke this morning he had lost all hope of ever seeing her again, he’d asked all over the Kingdom for her whereabouts, to no avail. He was close to having the Royal Guard spend the entire day searching for her if need be. As Henry drove the horse ever forward towards the De Ghent residence, he had a huge grin on his face. He couldn’t keep from grinning; this has been the most glorious day of his entire life. Fate truly was on his side he couldn’t believe his luck this morning when he ran into that young painter gentlemen, who actually knew where the Comtesse lived, not only that but she was also home instead of at church.

He was in love with a woman who loved him, Henry, not Prince Henry. He was drawn to her spectacular mouth at the Gypsy camp and couldn’t help himself as he found himself kissing her. She was so timid at first, *I couldn’t have been her first kiss, could I? Someone as beautiful and wonderful as his Nicole has surely had other suitors, before him.*

He loved the feel of her arms wrapped around him as he drove the horse. The little sighs of contentment that she would make, her breathing on the back of his neck, sent chills down his spine. She has opened up a whole new world of options for him. Before he met her, he always felt lost, unwanted, like a little boy seeking acceptance from those who would never give it to him, if he was not the Crowned Prince of France.

He heard her start to cry, and grew concerned. These certainly can’t be tears of sadness. His heart was breaking; this incredibly strong, sensitive woman was now crying. Should he ignore the tears? Should he stop the horse? He wasn’t sure, but decided that he couldn’t stand to see her cry, so he decided the best course of action would be to stop the horse. Besides it would give him a chance to spend even more time with her. He knew it was extremely late and would be morning soon, but he just didn’t want to let her go.

Danielle was surprised that Henry had stopped the horse, she smiled, ever the gentlemen he helped her off the horse, and Danielle smiled at him, never wanting him to take his hands off her waste. “What’s wrong, milord? Why did you stop the horse? I really need to get home.”

“Nothing is wrong Nicole. I heard you crying and wanted to find out why.” He said with concern on his face.

She looked at him with love in her eyes. He was positively glowing, he was the most wonderful man alive, she desperately wanted to tell him the truth, but didn’t want to break his heart. “Nothing is wrong, it’s just the opposite. I have never been happier in my life.”

“Neither have I Comtesse, nothing could have prepared me for the emotions and thoughts that are going on in my head. Thank you for spending the day with me.” He said as he leaned in and gave her a tender kiss.

Danielle, had no idea what she was thinking, she couldn’t hold back anymore, this may be the last opportunity that she gets to show him how she feels about him, so she threw caution to the wind and kissed him with all the heart and soul that she could muster.

He was surprised when she responded by kissing him even more passionately. He could feel the passion that she had for him, in this one kiss. It took his breath away.

After a few more minutes of sharing passionate kisses, they reluctantly climbed back on the horse that the Gypsies loaned them and headed back towards the De Ghent Manor. This time when Henry heard Nicole sigh and then start sobbing, he smiled, because he knew that these were sobs of happiness. He also sighed, he knew, knew, that this was his perfect mate and that in two days time he would let the whole world know his intentions.


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Midyear Report Card

Ok, the year in movies is half over, what are your favorites and worst films so far? I can’t say that I saw anything I would qualify as “worst” films so far, most of the movies I’ve seen would fall in the it was ok range.

So far here’s what I liked, probably due more to the fact that I just had fun at the theater than the film quality itself (and I actually remember them).

1. About A Boy
2. Episode II: Attack of The Clones
3) Resident Evil
4) The Count of Monte Cristo
5) John Q
6) Hart’s War
7) The New Guy
8) Spiderman (maybe)

I don’t have any films that I’ve seen this year that I “hated”, although I did walk out of “Lady and The Duke” and Gosford Park would be on the list, but that came out last year and doesn’t count.

Britney and Buffy – I will NOT WATCH THIS CRAP!!!!!!

BRITNEY SPEARS is set to spook fellow blonde babe SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR in hit TV show BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.

The singer is reported to be appearing in six episodes of the teen series’ next season as a nightmarish demon pitted against Gellar’s do-gooding, undead-battling Buffy.

An insider is quoted in British newspaper the DAILY STAR as saying, “This will be an amazing sight. Britney and Sarah Michelle Gellar are two of the world’s most gorgeous girls.

“Millions will tune in to see the two of them fighting in their trademark figure-hugging outfits.”

Britney is hoping to consolidate her acting career following her debut feature CROSSROADS earlier this year.

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