CKY: B-Sides & Rarities

CKY is a rock band that has been in existence since 1998. In the past thirteen years CKY has managed to release a total of five albums. Now their latest release is called  B-Sides & Rarities and it’s full of all kinds of rock sounds. Here’s the track listing:

1. Afterworld
2. Rio Bravo (radio session)
3. Shippensburg
4. Halfway House
5. Chad’s In Hi-Fi
6. Santa’s Coming
7. Fat Fuck
8. Deepest Depths
9. Rio Bravo (remix)
10. Don’t Hold Your Breath
11. Halfway House (hidden track version)
12. To All Of You (acoustic)

This is my first real exposure to their music and this album gave me a lot to take in.The first five songs were a blast to listen to and each had a different rock feel from the distorted guitars to the driving drum beats. Then the sixth song comes up entitled “Santa’s Coming” and this tune really caught me off guard. It’s starts off normally sounding like the traditional song Santa Claus Is Coming To Town but twenty-five seconds into the song, it musically and lyrically takes a much darker tone throughout the rest of the song.

To counter the dark “Santa’s Coming”, I came across “Fat Fuck” which is a hilarious song about what the singer can’t eat. The comedic side of CKY stopped and returned to the dark rock style with Deepest Depths and the remix of Rio Bravo. To change things up, an acoustical piece called Don’t Hold Your Breath came up next and it’s a great rock ballad. To wrap up the album, B-Sides & Rarities finishes with a cool rock ballad version of Halfway House and closes nicely with the acoustical song To All Of You.

CKY: B-Sides & Rarities is a fun album and overall I enjoyed listening to every song. My personal favorites are Afterworld, Shippensburg, Deepest Depths, Don’t Hold Your Breath, Half Way House (hidden track version), and To All Of You. I think CKY did a great job putting this album together and I would recommend it to any hard-core rock fan. My grade for CKY: B-Sides & Rarities is B-

CKY can be found on the web at:
and their latest album B-Sides & Rarities can be found on AMAZON, ITUNES, and your local cd store