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EMTV 15 – It’s Our Summer Movie Preview Pt2

Hey Everyone, It’s another fun edition of EMTV. This week it’s all trailers all the time, as we take a look at the 2nd half of the Summer Movie season. What the heck do I mean 2nd half, the summer just started! Well, by Hollywood Standards, the “”summer”” movie season really kicked off in April with the Release of Scorpion King. Then in May we already had the two biggest films of the Summer, AOTC and Spiderman.

So quite frankly we’re already worn out. But there are a whole slew of summer fair lining up, ready to take the top gross away from Spidey and AOTC. Can any of these films do it? I don’t know, with names likeMel Gibson – SignsWill Smith – MIB IIJulia Roberts – Full FrontalAustin Powers 3Cruise and Spielburg – Minority Reportnot to mention a potential sleeper like Reign of Fire, Pumkin, and some others. The battle for Box Office supremecy is far from over and we may be reading reports about 80 million box office openings all summer long.So on this edition of EMTV, we have hot new trailers from the smaller summer fare, and the latest versions of some of the blockbusters.On the couch this week is Michelle Alexandria, Lora Bofill, and your man Caramel.[url=]CLICK HERE TO WATCH IN WINDOWS MEDIA!!!![/url]Note – There is 10 seconds of black at the beginning of the show.

EMTV 14 – Bond and The Matrix Are Back and We have the Scoop!!!!!

Hey, hey, hey, on this week’s exciting episode, we have the television premiere of footage from Jame’s Bond’s latest outing Die Another Day and The Matrix Reloaded! Plus we have footage from EA Game’s James Bond game “”No One Lives Forever”” and the new full length video from Eminem’s unreleased “”The Show”” album!

If this isn’t enough to make you watch, we have an appearance from Hugh Grant and Nicholas Hoult from about a boy, and our extended review of Episode II, and news on the May 28th release of Harry Potter on DVD!!!!!! On the couch for this week’s episode is Michelle Alexandria, Lora Bofill, and Monty.[url=]So check out the show. Click Here to watch it in streaming media format!!!!!![/url]


EMTV’s salute to Spiderman! On this week’s episode we put together an exclusive 8 minute Spiderman Video package that contains footage from the movie, never before seen trailers and more. We have reviews of “Life or Something Like It” (with an appearance by Angelina Jolie), and Jason X.

We also have the trailers for “Sum of All Fears”, and “The New Guy”.Check out this week’s episode by clicking the link below. Note – this show is produced for television, therefore there will be 10 seconds of black before the show starts.[url=]CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE SHOW!!![/url]

EMTV Episode 11! – The TV Show, episode 11 is now up! On this week’s episode we have some exclusive live concert clips from Speedealer at The Nation in Washington, DC., plus the very first look at Project Greenlight’s “”Stolen Summer”” (along with a little commentary from yours truly), and “”XXX”” starring Vin Diesel. Also we have reviews of “”The Scorpion King”” and “”Murder by Numbers””.

This show will air on Channel33 in Arlington, on Thursday night at 11pm. But you can see it first here on the web. On next week’s show, we will announce our next series of contests, and we go Spiderman Crazy, with a special behind the scenes look at the making of Spiderman, along with all the previous trailers from the film, and exclusive never before seen footage from the film! And if that’s not enough for you, how about Angela Jolie and Ed Burns?————————————————————-To Watch Episode 11, Click Here. I said CLICK HERE!!!! 😀

EclipseMagazine The TV Show Episode 10 Is Up!!!!

Hey, folks, due to some technical issues I wasn’t able to post the latest Episode of EMTV. Now your prayers have been answered! We’re back, and have a big show for you this week. On this week’s edition we review “”Frailty””, “”The Next Best Thing””, “”Changing Lanes””, as well as discuss Filmfest DC, and we have an exclusive video tribute to Microsoft’s fab X-Box.

Joining me on the couch this week is our man Caramel, the most embarrassing person in the world to go to a movie with, and Lora. To watch the show simply click the “”watch now”” link below.[url=]WATCH NOW!!![/url]

EMTV – Spring Movie Preview Special!

Hey, it’s our fabulous Spring Movie preview. But heck, since Spring is almost over, and the summer movie season is starting earlier and earlier, we figure we’d give you a taste of Summer warmth in the form of Spiderman, Spy Kids II, MIB II, Jason X, and the latest Episode II trailer.

Or maybe we were just lazy this week, and decided to give you guys a sneak at some of the hottest films in the next few months. Also on the show we premiere Interplay’s latest game Hunter and Squaresoft’s Final Fantasy XI. Plus of course some hot music videos from Alicia Keys, Baz, and The Sneaker Pimps.On the couch is the same crew from last week, your leader Michelle, Monty a.k.a “”Caramel””, Peechee, and Cynthia.[url=]Click here to check out the show. [/url] – The TV Show March 19th Edition is UP!

Hey, hey, it’s another exciting edition of EMTV. This week we review Resident Evil, Showtime, Ice Age, and Kissing Jessica Stein! We also have a sneak peak at the latest installment of the RE game series, called Resident Evil – Biohazard.

And as always the hottest music videos and some other surprises. On the couch with your fearless leader is Monty, Peechee, and Cynthia.Catch the show this Thursday, March 21 at 11 pm. Check your local Washington, DC listing for channel. You can also watch it on the web.[url=]CLICK HERE TO WATCH![/url] – The TV Show, February 19th Edition

February 19th Edition of This week on EMTV we dis Britney Spears’ “”Crossroads””, and give you the 411 on “”Hart’s War”” starring Bruce Willis, and Denzel’s latest flick “”John Q””. Plus we have a special sneak peak at Acclaim’s Castlevania III.

To watch the show on the web please click the link below.But wait! – The TV Show, isn’t just available online. You can check us out in the Washington, DC area, Thursday Nights at 11 PM. Please check your local listing for time and channel. If you don’t live in DC you’ll be able to catch EMTV here every week and soon on your local TV Stations.Click Here To View In Windows Media

EMTV – Not Your Mother’s Review Show

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Brand Spanking new television show! Which you can check out in the Washington, DC area starting the week of Jan 23rd. Please check your local listing for time and channel. If you don’t live in DC you’ll be able to catch EMTV here every week and soon on your local TV Stations.For a preview of EMTV please click one of the links below. Note – These two episodes were produced for television, therefore at the beginning you will see 30 second color bars. You can skip this in Windows Media by simply fast forwarding. The stream is geared towards dialup modems.

It’s in Windows Format, if you do not have it, you can get it by clicking Here EPISODE 6Our Holiday Movie special edition, includes reviews of Ali, Lord of The Rings, Kate and Leopold and more.Click Here To View EPISODE 7Feature reviews of The Imposter, Beautiful Minds, we preview the Count of Monte Cristo, and in Cleve’s Corner we feature “”Books on Film””. Plus we have Gary Sinease, Russell Crowe, and more…Click Here To View