TELEVISION NEWS: In a Shocker, Danny Gokey gets the Hook!

American Idol Danny Gokey

Oh my god the bad singing Danny Gokey is gone from Idol. I know the judges are upset no way did they want Kris Allen to make it past the toop 6, that alone this far. He’s like the little rabit that could. So the big battle is no personality but good voice KrisAllen verses the over the top, bad voice gay guy Adam Lambert.  I’m torn as to who I would want to win. I don’t like Adam because a) his singing is terrible and B) it’s who Simon and the judges have been pimping out since day one.  But he oozes charisma, has that it factor and it’d just be funny to have the first open Gay, not only gay but Flamboyant Gay Idol.  Then there’s Kris Allen, so boring, no personality, looks pained whenever he’s on stage and has the weakest voice of all the contestants, he’s a sad little puppy who has been kicked around for the last 10 weeks.  Clearly Adam is going to win this thing, but I’m glad Gokey finally got the boot and the judges didn’t get the final they have been trying.

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  1. I did not get to watch the elimination episode this week, but I did watch the competition show. Every time I hear Danny sing a song about love, I literally start to cry, as I can’t help but to think about his tragic loss and what he must be feeling as he sings. I hope everything works out well for him, in his career and in his life.

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