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Taking It to the Streets: Guardians of the Galaxy’s Bus Stop Posters!


Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is just a month-and-a-half away and Marvel is taking it to the streets with a series of ‘bus top’ character posters beginning with Peter ‘Star Lord’ Quill (above). Follow the jump for Gamora, Drax the Destroyer and the team of Rocket Raccoon and Groot.

Guardians of the Galaxy rockets (sorry!) into theaters on August 1st.

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Fast & Furious 6 – Big Loud Fun!


Fast Five was one of 2010’s most entertaining movies – and the best of the series to that point. It switched from underground racing to the heist genre with as smooth a move as any. Furious 6 movies into the realm of terrorism with almost as much panache, but sometimes going bigger isn’t always better – though 6 comes ridiculously close.

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Fun Trailer: Riddick–Vin Diesel Closes Out the Trilogy!


It’s been forever, but Vin Diesel’s final Riddick film is just about ready. If the trailer is any indication, it may bring back the dark, twisted, scary, goofy fun of Pitch Black – as opposed to the bloated, ponderous Chronicles of Riddick. Plus, Karl Urban and Katee Sackhoff!

Check it out after the jump. Riddick is in theaters September 6th.

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Heavy Metal Trailer: Fast & Furious 6!

Fast 6

You don’t often see the fifth film in a series – and it’s even less often the best film in the series, like Fast 5. The question is whether Fast & Furious 6 can match its immediate predecessor (certainly none of the movie’s key art has matched this early poster). Check out the final Fast 6 trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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Fast Five – Just Go With the Supersonic Flow!

Fast 5

The movies in the Fast & The Furious series have never been ‘films’ – they are popcorn flicks in the truest sense. If you want unbridled action with a minimum of dialogue and a lot of hot cars, gorgeous girls and ripped guys, then this is the series for you.

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MOVIE NEWS: Wheelman Movie is a Go!

Wheelman Movie Now Official

In a move that surprises no one, Vin Diesel is going to team up with John Singleton to bring Midway Games, Wheelman franchise to the big screen.  For some reason I’m thinking this is old news, I could have sworn they were making this a few years go and then canceled it. But I’m probably wrong.  I’ve met John Singleton a couple of times and he has become an ahole, but he is talented. I run hot and cold on Diesel on the one hand I can’t stand him as an actor but he always picks really good genre material.  I don’t know how much Midway’s financial problems will affect this project but it’ll be interesting to follow.

MOVIE REVIEW: Fast & Furious is Exactly That!

The original cast of The Fast and the Furious reunites for this fourth film in the series – and it does exactly what it says on the label. Under the leadership of director Justin Lin, who also directed the Tokyo Drift instalment of the series, we get a car movie that will please fans of the previous movies.


The plot – Paul Walker’s FBI Agent O’Connor and Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretta are after a drug kingpin named Braga for their own reasons – is merely a device to let cars race [and, occasionally crash, smash or blow up]; guys brawl and women to wear skimpy clothing. It’s not Oscar® bait; neither is it indie art. It’s a popcorn movie of the most obvious order.

The races and various other stunts are different enough to feel fresh and get your adrenaline rushing. The stars – Walker, Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster – perform about as woodenly as they ever have, but that doesn’t matter. The villains [John Ortiz’s Campos, and Laz Alonso’s Fenix Rising] get the benefit of being portrayed by able character actors and chew the scenery admirably.

Fast & Furious is one of those movies that are just well enough made to work for its target audience. It’s nothing to write home about, but if you’re looking for a car/brawl/explosion movie with skimpily clad women, this is your movie. It probably won’t matter if you forget it mere seconds after you leave the theater.

Final Grade: C+

MOVIE REVIEW: Babylon A.D. –Even The Director Thinks It’s Bad!

How to explain Babylon A.D. … Okay, how about this: Babylon A.D. is the movie Children of Men would have been had it been directed by Ridley Pearson and edited by Ed Wood. Vin Diesel’s Toorop is the Clive Owens character; Michelle Yeoh’s Sister Rebecca is the Julianne Moore character, and Melanie Thierry’s Aurora is the girl whom Toorop must deliver from Russia to the United States – and for a similar reason.

Diesel & Thierry

Director Matthieu Kassovitz is on record as saying that Babylon A.D. is not the film he made – that it’s been re-edited by the studio and is vastly inferior to the film he created. Judging from the mangled editing of the many fight sequences [and you thought Batman Begins’ fight sequences were hard to figure out] and the drastic changes in overall tone from epic and sweeping to grungy and claustrophobic, I’d have to say that it’s entirely possibly that he’s right.

Diesel is energetic and hard as Toorop, but we probably were expecting that. Yeoh is enigmatic and wise as Sister Rebecca, but that’s not asking much of her. The surprise comes from Melanie Thierry who is quite possibly too ethereally beautiful to be believed – either that or the camera just really, really loves her.

It’s hard to tell if Eric Besnard’s script is any good because of the editing. God knows, there are enough signs of intelligence and, possibly, wit here to suggest that it might well be very good. The only problem is that whatever there might have been to add surprise and freshness to this unexpected hybrid of Blade Runner and Children of Men has been excised – leaving us with something that neither involves nor satisfies.

I hope Kassovitz gets a Director’s Cut when the DVD comes out. I’d love to see why he’s so adamant that the theatrical release is not the movie he made.

Final Grade: D+