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Terriers is a Scrappy P.I. Series That Feels Like The Rockford Files as Written by Chandler or Hammett!

This week, FX is premiering its new private eyes series, Terriers [Wednesdays, 10/9C]. It’s a kind of soft-boiled detective drama that revolves around Hank Dolworth [Donal Logue, The Tai of Steve, Life] and Britt Pollock [Michael Raymond-James, True Blood], a odd couple of P.I.s – Hank’s an ex-cop [not by choice] and Britt’s an ex-thief […]

MOVIE REVIEW: Night at the Museum Wins the Battle to be a Good Family Movie

  A few years following Larry Daley’s (Ben Stiller) first adventure as night watchman in New York City’s Museum of Natural History, Daley discovers that his friends, the exhibits which come to life, are now being shipped to the Smithsonian museums in Washington, D.C.  Upon arrival however, Daley’s old compatriots now find themselves battling against […]