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Kimmel + DeLuca + Todd = 90th Oscars®!

Jimmy Kimmel will host the 90th Oscars® for producers Michale De Luca and Jennifer Todd. With the exception of the Best Picture fiasco – which was totally not the host’s fault – Kimmel turned in a hosting job that was comparable to Billy Crystal (minus the singing and dancing). ‘Jimmy proved, from his opening monologue […]

Producers Announce 89th Oscars® Production Team!

89th Oscars® producers Michael De Luca and Jennifer Todd have announced eight key members of this year’s production team: supervising producer Rob Paine (20-year Oscars® veteran); Production Designer Derek McLane (5th consecutive year on the Oscars® team); returning writer Billy Kimball (second year on the team); returning writer and 8-time Emmy Nominee John Macks; orchestrator, composer, […]