Outlander’s 50th Episode Airs This Weekend!

‘Everyone’s favorite century-defying couple’ (marie clare) reaches a milestone when Outlander episode Wilmington airs this Sunday (8/7C) on Starz.

Episode blurb follows.

“everyone’s favorite century-defying couple”
– marie claire

Tune in for the eighth episode of the STARZ Original Series “Outlander” (Season Four) this Sunday, December 23rd at 8 PM ET/PT and the ninth episode the following Sunday, December 30th at 8 PM ET/PT.

Airdate: December 23rd at 8 PM ET/PT on STARZ, the STARZ App and STARZ On Demand
Roger’s diligent search for Brianna pays off when he finds her in Wilmington, but their romantic reunion comes to an abrupt halt when she discovers pertinent information that he intentionally kept from her. Meanwhile, Jamie and Claire attend the theater with Governor Tryon, at his request, and discover a plot against the Regulators that tests Jamie’s loyalty to Tryon.

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