MOVIES: UP, Up, & Away Tour at the NEWSEUM

Up, Up & Away!

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of going Up, Up, & Away in an old armchair that’s attached to several balloons.  I bet you are wondering am I try to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. Not at all, but I had taken part in the Up, Up, and Away Tour at the NEWSEUM in Washington, DC. This tour is to help promote the latest Disney/Pixar movie, Up!, which is playing in theatres right now!

ECLIPSE MAGAZINE: So, please tell us what do you have here at the NEWSEUM?

TIFFANY PHILLIPS, Disney Spokeperson: We have 64 helium filled balloons and we are lifting local media personalities, Radio & TV. We are lifting you fifty feet in the air in Carl Fredericksen’s chair. He’s the main character in the movie, Up! It’s pretty amazing and you’re about to that and know you’re totally excited about that.

EM: I’m very excited! Tell us about more about the Up, Up & Away tour. How long you been touring?

TP: We’ve been touring for six weeks. This is the last city and we’ve saved the best for last, Washington, DC. We’ve been to about 20 cities so far including San Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis, Boston, Cincinnati, the list goes on and on. We’ve been all around the country to help promote this amazing movie.

EM: Tell us about this film!

TP: Its about a 78-year-old retired balloon salesman, Carl Fredericksen. He’s always dreamed of having the adventure of a lifetime, so to speak. So instead of buying of plane ticket, he ties 1000’s of balloons to his house. It get lifted off its foundation. He goes on this lost world jungle adventure to South America. He has this little stowaway, named Russell.  He is this overly enthusiastic Wilderness Explorer who goes on the adventure with Carl, much to his dismay. Along the way, they meet a lot of colorful outrageous characters. The film is heartfelt. Its funny. Its filled with stunning visuals. It’s just an amazing Pixar film!

EM: Do you feel that Up! will live up the the previous Pixar movies?

TP: Without a doubt, without a doubt! So far, the reviews have been stellar and they have been 9 for 9 for number 1 box office hits. You can’t go wrong with a Pixar film. This is their 10th film and their first in 3-D. I think it’s going to be an amazing Pixar film. Another smash hit.

While I was getting ready to test out my air legs, the famous afternoon DJ Carson from radio station MIX 107.3 FM had the pleasure with his flight.

EM: How did it feel?

Carson (MIX 107.3 FM): Oh my goodness, this is really cool! I decided that im going to do the same thing that the guy in the movie did. I’m going to tie balloons to my house and will let it float away. Hopefully the mortgage will float away. I haven’t felt weightless in a long time. Trust me, it was really cool. I want to do this outside sometime with about 1000 foot cord.

EM: Have you seen the movie already?

Carson: The movie is absolutely brilliant and really funny. This kinda captures the essence of the film, I think in a great way.

Words cannot describe how I was feeling when I had taken my flight inside the NEWSEUM! Let’s just say that I have seen the Newseum in a whole new way. It was so wonderful that I decided to record my experiences with a camera. See below to see yours truly going Up!

This is your roving, now flying reporter, Dean Rogers – going Up, Up & Away and signing off