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Poster: Inside Out (Meet The Little Voices Inside Your Head)!

InsideOut - Command Center

Pixar’s Inside Out – a movie about the emotions that guide ten-year old Riley: Joy (Amy Poelher), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling and Sadness (Phyllis Smith) – has a spiffy new poster. Chec it out after the jump.

Inside Out opens on June 19th.

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Monsters, Inc. 3D Blu-ray Review!

Monsters, Inc 3D Blu-ray Review

Is there a movie that Disney and Pixar isn’t giving the 3D treatment to? They must have found a way to do this quick and cheap because are churning out 3D re-releases like clockwork. Usually, this is the point where I would rail against this double dip. But for Pixar and animated movies the 3D coat of fresh paint actually works because a lot of these movies – especially Pixar films were made using 3D modeling and animation anyway.

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Toy Story 3 is an Amazing Blu-ray Release! Michelle’s Review!

Toy Story 3 Blu-ray Review

What happened? August and September were really quiet months for Blu-ray releases, now it’s the beginning of November and in the last three weeks I’ve been swamped with incredible Blu-ray releases that I have to wade through. Yeah, I know it sucks to be me. Disney Pixar’sToy Story 3 is probably the best Blu-ray release of 2010 (that is until I get a chance to look at the rest of this large stack on my desk), so I’ll hedge my bets by saying it’s one of the best of 2010.

What gives it the edge is that not only is it a brilliant Blu-ray, with reference quality picture and sound but it happens to be one of the top 4 movies of the year – I still say How to Train a Dragon is the best animated film of 2010 but Toy Story 3 is right up there. I’ll admit to never being a huge fan of the first one and don’t remember much about the 2nd, but the third installment was a perfect way to close this trilogy – and I sincerely hope they don’t make a fourth film because it’ll “dilute” the emotional punch the ending of Toy Story 3 has. But who am I kidding it’s Disney, of course there will be another one, or straight to video adventures.

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Toy Story 2 Blu-ray Gets an Early Review by Michelle!

Can I get away with just copying and pasting everything I said about the Toy Story 1 Blu-ray release into this review of Toy Story 2? Yes? Great! To re-cap, I don’t like Tom Hanks and think most Pixar Films are technically brilliant, I love the writing on almost all of their movies but I find their brand of computer animation slightly creepy and hallow. I do, however, love Ratatouille and Finding Nemo. Toy Story 2 finally hits Blu-ray this week, the same day Toy Story 1 comes out. Disney knows you are going to buy both, but unlike other studios, they actually care enough to give both releases equal treatment.

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Toy Story 1 Comes to Blu-ray and Michelle has the early Review!

One of the most obvious films to get the Hi-Def treatment, Toy Story is finally out on Blu-ray this Tuesday. I’ll admit I’ve never been much of a Pixar fan, I find most of their films to be technically brilliant but emotionally hallow. I always come away asking myself the same question, “everything is flawless, story, computer animation, but I’m just not feeling it.”

I’m not a fan of animation that uses well-known big name stars that have distinctive voices. I don’t like Tom Hanks and I’ve always found his voice kind of irritating, in Toy Story it never seems like he’s a real character, its just Tom Hanks being himself. That said, no one could deny the impact and technical genius that is the Toy Story Series.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Toy Story Double Feature Suggests 3-D No Fad!

The Toy Story films were among the earliest full-length features to be produced in CGI. While they were amazing to look at – seeming more like 3-D than traditional hand drawn and painted animation, they would have been a curiosity if not for two things: they featured engaging characters in simple but brilliant stories.

Toy Story 3-D Double Feature

Now Toy Story and toy Story 2 are being re-released in 3-D for two weeks. Given that the films were originally produced through three-dimensional imaging in the PIXAR computers, it should come as no surprise that they were easily adapted to Disney’s Digital 3-D process. The result is good enough that I think I can safely say that, in this instance, at least, Roger Ebert is wrong. 3-D is not a fad.

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MOVIES: UP, Up, & Away Tour at the NEWSEUM

Up, Up & Away!

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of going Up, Up, & Away in an old armchair that’s attached to several balloons.  I bet you are wondering am I try to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. Not at all, but I had taken part in the Up, Up, and Away Tour at the NEWSEUM in Washington, DC. This tour is to help promote the latest Disney/Pixar movie, Up!, which is playing in theatres right now!

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MOVIE NEWS: Disney-Pixar’s UP! Gets Plum Opening Spot At Cannes!

For the first time, an animated film in 3D – Disney-Pixar’s UP! – will open the Cannes Film Festival. The CG film will be the Opening Ceremony film of the 62nd Festival de Cannes on Wednesday, May 13th, 2009. It will be released on May 29th in North America.


UP is a comedy adventure in which 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen fulfils his dream of a great adventure when he ties thousands of balloons to his house and flies away to the wilds of South America, only to discover that he has brought with him his biggest nightmare, a 9-year-old Wilderness Explorer stowaway.

Its screening at Cannes puts UP! in rarefied company. Previous animations to be distinguished by being Official Selections at Cannes include: Dumbo [1947], The Fantastic Planet [1973], Fritz the Cat [1974], Shrek [2001], The Triplets of Bellville [2003], Shrek 2 [2004], Over the Hedge [2006], King Fu Panda [2008], and Waltz With Bashir [2008].