MOVIES: The Dark Knight Talkback


So you attended last night’ fabulous, stumpendous, special Advanced screening of The Dark Knight, I wasn’t able to attend (I cried myself to sleep) and will have to see it this weekend with the great unwashed. I have it on good authority that some folks from Nolan’s production office and movie actually read the site sometimes so let them and Warner Brothers know what you think. I may give a lucky poster a prize.


  1. Is the movie good, yes, is it great, nope. The plot seemed to jump around a little too much, and I felt there were 2 or 3 too many twists thrown in there to try and keep the audience in check. I just don’t see Heath winning the Oscar, let alone, get nominated for this. I know he and Nicholson played completely different versions of the Joker, but Nicholson I thought did a better job. The Rachel Dawes character was a lot better in this one than Batman Begins. I did like the movie got into the action, no messing around, with the bank robbery gone bad right off the bat.

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    The plot did have some flaws, true, but it was overall a very engaging and exciting movie. Heath was unrecognizable inside the Joker, and the effects/stunt driving/stunts in general were well executed. The opening scene is truly gripping and gets you right into the action so much that you don’t feel the 2:30 runtime. I would definitely recommend it for any fan of the comic book/graphic novel genre, as well as pretty much any movie fan – warning for parents of small children, however: the movie got a PG-13 rating, and there is minimal (if any) cursing, but there are quite a few scary and gory moments, so think about your kids before you go.

  3. “The Dark Knight” is the dark tale of Batman vs the Joker. This time, it is very psychological but
    there is still plenty of noise, violence, death, pyrotechnics, chases, and surprises. This 2 and
    1/2 hour film zips right along with a minimum of plot but some overacting.

    GRADE = “B+”

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    That was the best movie I’ve seen so far this year. Heath Ledger was masterful, as much as you want to dislike him, you really want to see more of him just for what he brings to every scene he was in. Everything about this movie worked. I was so enthralled that I totally ignored my boyfriends comments, at times I was on the edge of my seat. This series of Batman can not be compared to the previous batman movies w/it’s various different actors in the main role. Batman Begins & Dark Knight are in a class by themselves, and Dark Knight I felt really pulled you in more than “Begins”. I might even see it again at the theatre, just so that I can be a bit more relaxed while watching it. It’s a shame we won’t get to see Heath Ledger act in anything else, he was a talented actor.

    GRADE = A+

  5. Tried to see it last night, stood in line for an hour, but to no avail. My movie experience stopped about 10 feet from the door when the two girls told us all that there were no more seats. The planning, the logistics, the parking, the hype, the talk in line with the other Batman fans, the best movie theater in DC, the getting something black to wear – but nothing. Oh well, maybe Michelle will keep me in mind for the next super mega blockbuster when it comes out. – Beemer

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