Modern Family: memory book has additional features

ABC has released its fairly new webpage for their television show Modern Family entitled Modern Family: Memory Book. The memory book is filled with video clips such as extended scenes and photos. Also with every new epsiode, there will be 2 – 3 exclusive photos from the set, 1 – 2 scrapbook images and a sub section to feature theme based “family” moments that are pulled from last season. The memory book will include extended scenes such as: “No One Believes Manny”, “Something Scary On The…”, and “Kind Of A Regular Thing”. Check them out below:

“No One Believes Manny”

Ep. 315 “Something Scary on the…”

Ep.317 “Kind Of a Regular Thing”

The Modern Family: Memory Book can be viewed online at:
and Modern Family can also be found online at: