Mario Super Sluggers is coming.


At Nintendo’s Gamer’s day event (which I wasn’t invited to), they announced a new game – Mario Super Sluggers. In the same spirit as other sports-themed Mario games on Wii like Mario Strikers® Charged and Mario Kart® Wii, Mario Super Sluggers blends richly interactive baseball action with eccentric characters and elements from across the popular Mario universe. Players can swing the wireless Wii Remote just like a real bat or wave it toward the plate to deliver a masterful pitch, enjoying the same intuitive, easy-to-learn controls that helped make Wii Sports a living room hit. With Mario and his unpredictable pals filling out the roster, imagination and active-play innovation are sure to dominate the diamond in this lively title, scheduled for release later this year.

Updated: April 10, 2008 — 10:47 pm