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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands has Michelle Climbing the Walls!

I don’t know what it is about the Prince of Persia series. I think I’ve always liked them more as a concept and via watching the cool trailers than actually playing. Eventually, all the wall running and jumping along with the bad camera angles gets a bit tiring after awhile.  The Sands of Time remain the high watermark of the series, last year’s game was just ridiculous, they took away most of the combat and you every time you missed a jump your partner was there to save you. That I didn’t mind as much because I hate starting over a lot.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands takes the game back to its roots, the combat has returned and you actually have to make all your jumps now.  The story takes places sometime after the Sands of Time but before last year’s game.  It’s an odd duck, because it’s not a tie in to the movie, just timed to release along side it, but there are some elements early on, like adding a back story to the Prince and the inclusion of his brother into the story.  His brother foolishly unleashes an Army whose goal is to topple their Kingdom and rule the world.

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Always bet on Black! Nintendo Wii learns the Lesson!

I believe in Miracles, you sexy thing…. Nintendo is betting that people will go gaga over the new Black Nintendo Wii when it finally comes stateside May 9th.  The new system will come with a Wii Motion Plus and Wii Sports for $199. This is one sexy looking machine that I would love to get, the problem is I just can’t hang with the Wii Controller. Nintendo promised multi-colored systems years, so it’s nice to see it finally happen, better late than never. Check out the full press release after the break.

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VIDEO GAME RELEASES: Big week for new games

After a couple of painfully slow weeks, we have a nice group of strong, diverse titles.  Starting with a trio of movie games Lego Indiana Jones, The Bourne Conspiracy and The Incredible Hulk.  Then we have a little game called Ninja Gaiden II – I personally could never get into Ninja Gaiden the puzzles were too obtuse and the best part is all four titles are available on both PS3 and 360.  These days I’m desperate to have something to play on my PS3 so I may try and get these for that system. Who am I kidding? I’ll be picking up all the 360 versions. I finally gave up on Gamefly’s incredibly lousy East Coast service, so I’m going to have to actually buy all of these games.


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Wii-kly Update: Dr. Mario is Here and Metal Slug!


Dr. Mario® Online Rx (Nintendo, 1-4 players, Rated E for Everyone, 1,000 Wii Points): The doctor is in! Mario takes a break from his adventuring ways and once again dons his stethoscope for a new generation of germ-battling mayhem. In addition to the classic mode of using vitamins to exterminate viruses, you’ll find two battle modes and an online multiplayer mode where you can hone your skills against players from around the world. Feel like challenging a friend who doesn’t have Dr. Mario Online Rx? Then the WiiWare-exclusive Friend Battle Demo is just what the doctor ordered. Or maybe you’d like some help taking on those nasty viruses? Try out Virus Buster, where four players can simultaneously move capsules simply by pointing at them with a Wii Remote™ controller. Any way you look at it, Dr. Mario Online Rx is a prescription for fun that everyone can enjoy.

Family Table Tennis (Aksys Games, 1-2 players, Rated E for Everyone, 500 Wii Points): It’s time for some good old family fun, and what’s more fun than table tennis? Just like a real family, choose your character from a cast of four, which includes Daddy, Mommy, Sarah and Billy. There are four table tennis-tastic stages where it doesn’t matter if you’re an indoors or outdoors table-tennis player. Pick your poison from a gymnasium, a forest park, a beach or even an amusement park. Choose from Single or Versus mode, or select a minigame to play. In Versus mode, you and a friend can play against each other to see who is the better table-tennis player. And if Single and Versus modes aren’t enough, select between three minigames, which include Target Table Tennis, Thrilling Table Tennis and Matching Table Tennis. The appealing cell-shaded graphics and endearing music, on top of the super-fun game play, will have you and your family playing from morning till night. Get your paddles ready.  

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Wii Fit is Here and Gone!


I don’t know why I’m surprised, but I was thinking about preordering the Wii Fit on Amazon today and it’s already sold out. I’m still suspicious that Nintendo, deliberately holds back shipments as part of their hype machine. I wasn’t enamored with it when I played with it at several Nintendo events last year, but now it’s seeped into my brain… I must have one, I must have one, I must have oooonnnee……

Mario Super Sluggers is coming.


At Nintendo’s Gamer’s day event (which I wasn’t invited to), they announced a new game – Mario Super Sluggers. In the same spirit as other sports-themed Mario games on Wii like Mario Strikers® Charged and Mario Kart® Wii, Mario Super Sluggers blends richly interactive baseball action with eccentric characters and elements from across the popular Mario universe. Players can swing the wireless Wii Remote just like a real bat or wave it toward the plate to deliver a masterful pitch, enjoying the same intuitive, easy-to-learn controls that helped make Wii Sports a living room hit. With Mario and his unpredictable pals filling out the roster, imagination and active-play innovation are sure to dominate the diamond in this lively title, scheduled for release later this year.

New Wii Console Games Announced

cruising usa

Cruis’n USA(TM) (Nintendo 64(R), 1-2 players, Rated E for Everyone, 1,000 Wii Points):

Ever felt like driving to the Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore and the White House in one day? Well then, gear up to put your racing skills to the test in a frantic trip across the United States, following a route that you won’t find on any map. Whether it’s the rolling hills of Appalachia, the flowing cornfields of Iowa or the crowded tunnels below Chicago, you’ll find yourself too focused on the intense racing action to worry about the scenery. Get started by picking from a garage full of cars to find the one that best suits your style–if you’re good enough, you’ll even find a few hidden ones to round out your selection. Then choose one of three different playing perspectives and get ready to hang on tight. With five difficulty levels, the ability to remove traffic or other racers, and two-player simultaneous racing, it’s enough to make you forget all about finding that next rest stop. Just watch out for the cows, OK? 

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