Live Free or Die Hard Unrated DVD Giveaway. Yippie Kayay MF!!!


Wow, Fox has been taking it on the chin from Film Critics lately because this summer they started playing games with screening access and while they have been ticking me off with their new policy – it’s why I refused to see or review The Simpson’s Movie, I can’t fault the Home Video division, so with that said, we have five copies of the recently released Live Free or Die Hard Unrated, 2 Disc Special Edition DVD (what a mouthful) to giveaway! Check out our reviews of the movie here. To win, let us know what your favorite Bruce Willis film is, or your fondest memory of the Die Hard Trilogy. We’ll run this contest until December 12, 2007. On that date shoot us an email with your Full Name, Address, and User ID. Be sure to check out the amazing Blu-Ray version of LFDH, it includes an unlocked digital copy of the movie that you can play on your portable devices. And yes, I’m aware that I probably misspelled Kayay!


  1. Hmmm favorite Willis movie that is a tough one… Of course the original Die Hard is a classic not sure if I could pick between Pulp Fiction, The Fifth Element, The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable or even his recent Lucky Number Slevin as my favorite. Well the best part has to be from the original die hard who can forget the original time we heard “Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker.”

  2. Yippe-ki-yay is definitely one of Bruce’s memorable lines. I say that quite often and smile after I say it. Not a huge sci fi fan, but my favorite movie though has to be Armageddon. I love that movie. One of those movies that I can flip on and finish watching it regardless what point it’s at.

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    Unbreakable is my favorite

  4. My favorite Bruce Willis movie is Fifth Element, though over his career he has made a healthy mixture of crappy and OK action movies and he has recently been doing a surprisingly decent job in 16 Blocks, Lucky Number Slevin, and Tears of the Sun (although Perfect Stranger is inexcusable). My favorite things about him are his un-Hollywood approach to his ex-wife and children, his cancelling lucrative Seagrams ads when he stopped drinking, his Letterman appearances, and his support for the troops. My dislikes for Willis are his Hollywood-like kids’ names, and his singing career. My key memory of a Die Hard moment was “watching” Die Hard I at a dollar-theater as a freshman in college, with a jacket full of beer bottles. When I got up to use the bathroom, i accidentally kicked an empty bottle and it rolled loudly down the theater floor (it was on an incline). The scene when this happened was when McClane was walking with bare feet on shattered glass. The audience clapped and cheered at the timing of the rolling beer bottle.

  5. No one has said Sixth Sense? Really? I loved that movie, and thought Bruce gave a fantastic performance. Of course, I have to say that Live Free or Die Hard was AWESOME. So much fun! I found myself laughing with maniacal glee (the scene near the end with the Jet and the freeway ramps was particularly over-the-top/awesome!) (The last time I saw your girlfriend…)

  6. I had said Sixth Sense, well that and a few others of his great movies…

  7. All the DIe hard movies are great.

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