Battlestar Galactica: Razor DVD Giveaway and Exclusive SFX Shots!!


Hey, hey, we have another fantastic contest for you. Because we’ve been such good whores for all things BSG, the folks at Universal Home Video have given us five copies to give away. The DVD hits the street on Dec. 4 and will be a two disk extravaganza. This contest will run for the next two weeks. On Wednesday, Dec 12 shoot me an email with your full mailing address and User ID. That’s it. Post a comment about BSG, or the SCI-Fi Network for a chance to win, it’s that simple.

In the meantime check out some of these exclusive SFX shots! These shots are not your typical approved artwork, this comes directly from the pipeline of production at Universal Studios. Our source had a chance to meet with the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA editors, and they pulled this actual step-by-step visual effects sequence from the show. Warning, these are nice huge pictures.




  1. I watched Razor this past Saturday and was left with mixed emotions. I wanted to watch it for two different reasons, both having ties to the original BSG. First of all, I was really psyched about the return of the chrome toasters. In my humble opinion, we didn’t get nearly enough. What we did see looked good. I liked seeing the old school raiders back in action, and the inside-ship 3 Cylon config was such a shot of nostalgia that I could barely contain myself.

    Where Razor really delivered for me was the return of Michelle Forbes. I loved her first go round as Admiral Cain(re-imagined) and this was just more of the same balls-to-the-walls fun. The unexpected surprise was Stephanie Chavez-Jacobsen’s portrayal of a conflicted officer trying to do what’s right. Razor wasn’t perfect, but it was a heck of a ride !

  2. Yeah I know what you mean about mixed emotions, it just has been so long since I’ve had some new BGS and I guess I was expecting something more. Either way I cannot wait for season 4 to start up this spring. I mean Razor was pretty good, I guess I just hoped for more. It was nice to have Michelle Forbes back she was great when she was on the show. Plus this movie did a nice job at filling in all the Pegasus story gaps…

  3. I totally missed it. :p

    In my defense, it’s been a while since I’ve watched anything on the SciFi channel. I had meant to catch TinMan last night, and alas and alack, life and other things got in the way.

    In point of fact, as I’m typing this, I realize that I haven’t watched the end of BSG season 3. I had fallen behind, and I started hearing all the crazy stories about what SciFi was going to do with season 4, (1/2 now, 1/2 in 2009? Wha?) and … wow… how long has it been? Things were just starting to get more interesting. Apollo was coming around, and had decided where his heart really lay (Yay, Lee!), and that seemed to turn things to a more positive direction. I’m looking forward to catching up, now, and getting ready for January. A compelling show – hard to watch some times, but life itself isn’t always pretty, and these characters keep me coming back for more.

  4. I don’t have cable but the original sci fi rabbit ears, but have the first two seasons on dvd. Love the show and love the original series. I hear this is great. Would love to add this to my BSG collection

  5. Battle Star Galactica is great. Did not see Razor and am waiting too. Would love to have this one.

  6. Gah, why isn’t it March yet?! Anyway, I’d love to win this because I’m curious about the extra content that is on it- besides it would fit in nicely with my growing BSG collection.

  7. Starbuck is the bomb. She rock and rolls. More caffienated than coffee!! My liscense plate on my car is Starbuck.

  8. Extras are almost always worth the wait. Good to hear that the writers’ strike won’t affect the premiere of the new season. And, of course, getting Razor free would be the bomb, for sure! OK, I’m really not a Valley Girl.

  9. This series has been okay But I am really waiting for the return of Dr. Who. Now there is a series I would love to win on DVD

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