Laying It On Thicke: Season Two of Unusually Thicke!


The peculiar reality/sitcom hit Unusually Thicke – which focuses on Alan Thicke and his family – returns to Pop on Wednesday, September 21st (9/8C).

The network will air back-to-back episodes for seven weeks. For series and episode descriptions, follow the jump.


LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Sept. 6, 2016 – Alan Thicke and his family blur the lines of reality television and sitcom on season two of UNUSUALLY THICKE returning on Pop Wednesday, Sept. 21, at 9:00 PM, ET/PT. Between his fiery, much younger Latina wife Tanya and his three sons – teenaged Carter, pop star Robin and marijuana dispensary owner Brennan – Alan has his work cut out for him as a father, husband and Hollywood actor, writer and icon.

Pop will air back-to-back half-hour episodes of UNUSUALLY THICKE every week for the show’s 14-episode season. Buzzworthy storylines are peppered with cameo appearances by an eclectic group of Alan’s celebrity friends, ranging from Russell Peters and Cedric the Entertainer to Lance Bass, Kato Kaelin, Alex Trebek, Cat Cora and Alan’s son, Robin Thicke. 

“Season two has us pushing envelopes with our family drama, including a same-sex prom, an ‘accidental’ porn shoot, Tanya brawling with some social media haters, a wedding, a divorce party and the first Cannabis commercial ‘Pot Spots!’” said Alan. “Through it all, UNUSUALLY THICKE remains in constant search of good humor and fun. Come along for the ride!”

“Alan, Tanya and Carter charmed fans in the first season of UNUSUALLY THICKE, as the show’s debut season attracted one of Pop’s largest A18-49 audiences,” said Jessie Surovell, Vice President, Development at Pop. “We are excited to see where America’s favorite TV dad and his real-life family go next in this hilarious series that so effortlessly blends reality television with situational comedy.”

Season two of UNUSUALLY THICKE will include 14 new episodes:

CELLMATES – Guest Star: Wayne Brady

Alan and Carter arm themselves and go “vigilante desperado” after whoever stole Alan’s cellphone. Tanya’s desire for a mirror in her bedroom pushes her into an unwise bet with Alan.

THE PROMPOSAL – Guest Star: Lance Bass

Carter gets surprised by an anonymous invitation to a high school prom—but who sent it is an even bigger surprise. Alan and Tanya battle over whose renovation project should take priority.

DIFFERENT STROKES – Guest Star: Russell Peters

Carter’s rap video underscores his objection to the security camera (i.e., “spy cam”) being installed in his room. Alan confronts a cheat at a celebrity golf tournament. Tanya has had enough of his “romantic getaways” to golf tournaments that are anything but romantic.


Whether or not to get tatted—and which body part—is an issue for Tanya and Carter, while Alan gets germophobic in the house.

THE SILENCE OF THE GOATS – Guest Star: Robin Thicke

The Thickes are forced to take desperate measures when their war with a noisy neighbor escalates. Robin extends a special invitation to Carter, which Carter completely misinterprets.

LAST TANGO – Guest Star: Cedric The Entertainer

Alan contemplates retirement—and mortality—in his new gig as spokesman for “age-appropriate” products. Tanya gets so caught up with her kitchen renovation that she almost forgets about Alan’s birthday.

GILBERT GETS A RASH – Guest Star: Gilbert Gottfried

Alan’s dream of becoming the “Guacamole King” of his community is crushed when he books Gilbert Gottfried, who soon offends everyone in town while judging the Toddler Pageant.

HOME AND NATIVE LAND – Guest Star: Alex Trebek

Alan’s effort to land a lucrative gig as spokesman for a native casino hits a snag when he must first prove his native ancestry (no biggie, except he has none). Carter has high anxiety prepping for his Canadian citizenship test.

NO IFS, ANDS OR BUTTS – Guest Star: Jon Dore

The Thickes’ PG-13 dream of a little house on the beach turns into an NC-17 nightmare when they realize their new neighbor, an old “friend,” is working on an “art project” that would be illegal in some countries.

THE ROAD WARRIOR – Guest Star: Kato Kaelin

To escape their endless kitchen renovation, Alan takes Tanya on a weekend road trip and runs into an angry pack of bikers. Carter is miffed that Alan has booked him a house-sitter—until he meets the house-sitter.


Alan and Tanya inadvertently have double-booked their ranch for a wedding and a divorce party on the same date. Carter and Alan aim to build a storage room for a friend, although they’ve never built a room anywhere, for anyone, at any time.


Alan and Tanya’s arrangements for their assistant’s wedding unravel when the Elvis impersonator they fired decides to crash the party anyway.

GROWING STRAINS – Guest Stars: Dave Foley, Wayne Brady

Would Alan be interested in growing weed on the ranch? For profit, of course. Tanya’s night out becomes a gang war when cyber-bullies attack in person.

THE BUCKET LIST – Guest Stars: Cat Cora, Lou Ferrigno

Alan only guesses half-right when he creates a “bucket list” of surprises for Tanya’s 40th birthday.

UNUSUALLY THICKE is produced by Peacock Alley Entertainment.