Free Full Moon Movies for These Socially-Distanced Times!

Full Moon Features is the latest studio to put up a selection of free movies to help us through these socially-distancing times.

At Full Moon, B-movies are an art form and titles like Creepozoids, Meridian and Castle Freak have been placed Full Moon Features’ new Free Movies category.

Details follow.


Free Full Moon movies for these socially-distanced times!

Like you, your friends at Full Moon are locked-down, practicing social distancing and monitoring this miserable pandemic from afar. But despite the admittedly scary situation surrounding us, our show must go on and, to dial-down your anxieties and provide some much needed escape during these crazy days, we’ve put a FREE MOVIES category up on our Full Moon Features channel.

You don’t even need an account to enjoy these FREE flicks. Just download the app from any device or Smart TV or go to and start watching FREE Full Moon classics. We’re updating the selection weekly, but right now, strange, sexy and spooky gems like the erotic Sherilyn Fenn fantasy MERIDIAN, David DeCoteau’s post-apocalyptic CREEPOZOIDS, Stuart Gordon’s CASTLE FREAK, Charles Band’s HEAD OF THE FAMILY the evil-dummy masterpiece TOURIST TRAP and more are available to watch. And it won’t cost you a bloody red cent to see any of them!

And speaking of this dreaded COVID-19 plague that is rampaging across our world, it’s true that laughter is often the best medicine for the mind. So, since Full Moon has always preached the philosophy of fun to help deal with the often heavy world we live in, we have answered the current global freak-out with our own goofy, gory, silly, satirical and irreverent riff on whats happening. Get ready for CORONA ZOMBIES, a ludicrous vision of a global pandemic spiraling out of control, one that causes its victims to become cannibalistic, creepy and contagious ghouls! says: “Coronavirus has the unique position of being the one thing almost everyone in the world is thinking about right now. This makes it perfect fodder for exploitation cinema, and what better way to take advantage of that than by producing a horror movie called Corona Zombies?” says “Corona Zombies may just be the entertainment that we all need right now”. says ” Leave it to the folks over at Full Moon to already have a Coronavirus zombie movie!”

CORONA ZOMBIES will premiere exclusively on the Full Moon Features channel and app on April 10th, 2020. The madcap romp will then be widely available on Amazon Prime beginning April 20th (that’s 4/20 for all you shut-in stoners out there!)

ALSO! We’re selling a limited run of official CORONA ZOMBIES posters via These 11×17 one-sheets feature artist Ryan Brookhart’s outrageous art and each one is signed by our fearless leader Charles Band. Grab one before they’re gone!

Stay safe, stay sane, lay-low and chew on some high-concept, far-out films from Full Moon. One day we’ll all look back at this dark chapter and laugh. Until then, let’s get cozy together and wait for this weirdness to wind-down!