Eclipse Magazine presents the GeekScholars Movie News Podcast #064

Want a spoiler-free AND a spoiler-filled review of Skyfall? Check out the latest episode! Hit play above, or the jump for more information on this week’s show!

Lots of interesting news on the GeekScholars Movie News podcast this week. The crew kicks things off with a quick update on Star Wars: Episode VII, with new information regarding a writer, characters supposedly in the script, and who is NOT going to direct (leading to more speculation about who is still in the running).

From there, the GeekScholars discuss: how the Internet fan community got Mark Wahlberg to star in Transformers 4, Harry Potter director David Yates’ new Tarzan movie (and who he wants to star as the ape-man), as well as Brett Ratner’s Hercules, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The crew also gives updates on where things stand with an adaptation of the popular book The Giver, which will likely star Jeff Bridges, and mull over the wild news that a sequel to Casablanca may be in the works.

After that, the GeekScholars debut a brand new segment called ‘Better Know a Geek’, where GeekScholar Lauren moderates a fascinating conversation between the hosts about what jobs they would take, and what genres they would work in, if they could do anything in the movie industry, and why.

From there, all four GeekScholars find some heart in their Preview Review of Warm Bodies, and heap on some love onto Skyfall  during their spoiler-free review.

As a bonus, stay tunes after the credits to listen to a spoiler-filled review of Skyfall, as the crew discuss some of the finer details of the latest James Bond film in greater depth!

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